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In today’s video I talk about my crazy journey before I got my 2nd job as a Web Developer. #devsLifeBecome a programmer in 6 months here:Treehouse Discount Code: my discord channel:Discord Channel: Media:Instagram: RealChrisSean

Swinkle Singh

sky zone brosssssss

Rafey Arshad

u guyz r doing a great job

Unicorn and purple Lover

Amanda and mel b ????

Meeran Uddin

Iam team ty

tragoedia veritas

Where's the difficulty in the whole thing if you're actually coordinating the whole thing? It'd be more impressive had the hoop been in a fixed point

Dwight K. Schrute

Is this video supposed to be like Mission Impossible

Cracuh Chap

Do one with the titans

Jan Thangaraj

I just see the ppl in the background staring at them

Isaac Hair

who's watching in 2017

they look like mammal bugs

Lord Logan IV

hey guru add me on ps3? IPwnYou2323

Cas Van Ramshorst

Why didn't he draw her vagina


I went through that too. When I was 15 and this guy lied to me he told me he was 17 but I did my research and I found out he was older then me by alot

I'm patato master


Ishita Banerjee

Wow this is a grt vdo

Bailey Matters

How golden spray paint cans have u guys gown through

Moo Moo

Your content over the years has just gotten better and better, I've been watching your content for a long ass time and the level of polish on your vids Is crazy. Keep up the good work

Bartek Kandefer

Also the Halo reference in GTA V

Lxve SZN

It ok


Nice episode, as always ;). You should try some LEGO games, they have a lot of easter eggs

Sam Provost

this was alright but you guys could have done better like pick me on one of your segments since im russel Wilson


The dog looks like doge (on number 1)


Any plans for 100th video ?

Fortnite All night



i wont ever be excited for any e3. Publishers are dead inside.

Galaxy J56

Blackcap man

Jamyis Dobbins

I have a song for you to play in your videos it's called faded by cryptic

Bruno Di Corinto

Wow, nice editing in this one man, congrats!

Henry Weeden

I met someone who knew one ore two of you from college.

Chris Oliver

i dont see any diferences

Dylan Holland

Cut the line swisher

Noah wishnow

At 0:47 is ty being a jerk

Joe Singh

0:08 lol so red

By Brandon

2:19 who was that guy in the back

Pope Urban II

Wait... You've been dating for three months with no sex?


I support your theory the guy in the orange shirt looks like a mutated fish/elf, just creeps me out

Might buss down her ring finger

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