Get Your Hair Done by Ryan! Play Doh Buzz 'n Cut Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop Toy with Electric Buzzer |

Ryan uses the Play-Doh Buzz n’ Cut set to create silly haircuts! Mommy challenges Ryan to Buzz n’ Cut styling fun. Parents, you can buy the Play-Doh Buzz n’ Cut at This is an ad for Hasbro. -----Stop by the Buzz 'n Cut salon for a silly haircut and a shave. This Play-Doh barber shop set is based on the classic Play-Doh hair growing sets with a cool added surprise: an electric buzzer that makes real buzzing sounds when it touches Play-Doh compound!To start, just place one of the 2 characters in the chair and turn the crank to grow hilarious hair or a bristly beard. Give them a trim or shave it all off with the electric buzzer, plastic razor, and kid-friendly plastic scissors. Create a fresh and funky look by adding bows, braids, mustaches, and other accessories with the half-molds. Use the brush to remove leftover Play-Doh bits from the characters’ heads, then start all over with a new style.There are so many different hairstyles to make again and again! What will your silly stylist create?Hasbro, Play-Doh, and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

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Akrom Asadullox


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Ty looks better with a beard and Garrett

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waw was awsome for a throw back

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They only used two recurve bows...

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(btw this isn't my original idea. The first person I saw comment this was Cooper Dehn.)

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