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#Ramadan#iftar#Ramadan2019As part of Ramadan I visited the biggest Mosque in Southeast Asia the Istiqual in Central Jakarta. It is open to the public and free to visit, I recommended for any one to visit there is so much culture and history behind it. Also infont of the Mosque there is plenty of street food vendors so you can eat after and break fast with your family and friends.This was my first Ramadan that I got to experience and learn about the culture and it was a beautiful experience, I encourage for all of us to learn a different culture other than are own and have a mutual respect and understanding!! Because when we do that we are united and there is peace not war amongst us✌🏻📍Mosque Istiqlal -me here in instagram: 🌟Lono Aditia youtube: puasaFastingFirst RamahdanFirst RamadanMesjidMosqueMosque JakartaMesjid JakartaBreaking fastOpen fastMuslim Ramahdan foodMakanan RamadanTajil makananMakanBule buka puasaBule reactionForeigner buka puasaRamadhan IndonesiaRamadhan JakartaBuka Puasa IndonesiaBuka puasa Jakarta

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totally real... in fact, without a doubt...

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