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raven_ pla6z128


Pisouris King


Wheezing Person

Tbh, my eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and I can see better then most in the dark. It's probably because I was born with dilated pupils.. they're cute tho.


Hey, Ty, when I saw that slingshot video, I was wondering what that long pair of socks, or whatever else they are, would be. Please, tell me, what are those and where did you get em'?


Cody beat coby without launching


Nice bro sss


COBY congrulations

Shawn Pit



Is his phone a Huawei phone?

My dad died when I was 3 never even got to truely remember him so well that’s that

sebastian ignaci ibarra diaz

La segunda cancion mas buena de bad bunny

USS Hector Hivers BELTWAY

00:30 pause and the jumpscare is Richtofen



Beast Mode

go ricky and my name is actually name is ricky wiggins

Powercoaster Gaming

No offense but the boyfriend looked like shaggy!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

Taylor Tran


Kaighen Sanchez

What kind of cards is he using

Vincent Jordan

I miss stereotypes

Ceci Whan

S T R O N G.

lonely potatoe

If your "mother" called the police on u call the police first so that she cannot put any blame on u


PLZ make more stereotype videos, like so they can see


So that's why you should let them eat cake.

Mister Igor

Download game "Minecraft"! This is coll game!

Edit: when you like your own comment

surreal memes

Do you play most games just for the videos? Is there any games you play in your freetime?


Do one for halo 4!

christy mathew

U guys really from earth????

Llora Knight


Keep going bro;)

• Georgia Gigi •

You should call the shot 'Over the Tree'

Gloria Villatoro

Ill tell my dad right away. At the park a random boy touched my bottom and told my dad he said next time punch him.


13:46 o hell naw

jared stamper

Dude your videos are some of the most well out together, i love it, keep it up.


Holy fuck Lemmino and Guru on the same day!!??

Priya Jagan

always tyler is the winner,it annoys me a little

Elizabeth Barrett

Me: mum!!!

Oscar Arvizu

I was happy now I’m 😔

Gacha Girl123

Girl I know how u feel I suffer from the same thing and I am only 10


Jocelyn Riddle

I my uncle Tony died at I think the age of four and I think to this day my grandma never got over it

summer daze

h a v e y o u h e a r d o f t h e L G B T + c o m m u n i t y ?

purple leecree

I'm Soooooo very sorry 4 ur loss guys😪😪😪💔💔💔💔

TR3YARK Gaming

rip big black


The Easter egg is that mj is ugly af. smh

Happy Herman

I am a girl but I'm not! I'm not a girl, I am a boy. No one in my family sees me as a boy cause I didn't act like it when I was a kid, and that I was "scared to look like a boy" when I got my hair cut really short..    

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