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How To Get Count Of Rows In Pdo Result Using Php With Mysql DatabaseSource Code: Programming Tutorials ➜ And MySQL Tutorials ➜ Course For Beginners ➜ Development Course ➜ our blog subscribe: Share This Video :this Php Tutorial we will see How To Use rowCount() To Get Number Of Rows From Pdo Result Using MySQL Database Table With Php And Displaying The Number Of rows .I Use In This Tutorial:- NetBeans IDE .- XAMPP .- PhpMyAdmin .Others Tutorials:Get Select Option Value From MySQL Database Using Php To Populate Html Table From MySQL Database Using PhpTo Use Mysqli Num Rows In PhpUpdate Delete Search Data In MySQL Database Using Php Part1And Filter Data In Html Table Using Php And MySQL DatabaseDevelopment - The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 - Build 25 Websites and Real Mobile Apps

Misha Boldt

So a group of guys who claim to be Christian and don’t endorse alcohol did a video with a scumbag domestic abusing drunk garbage human being...seems about right

KING caleb1127

Do ripstik battle

David Kolb

3:20 out Of all the Easter eggs in this video, that’s the only one I’ve never heard about or seen

Elizabeth Gao

Hope everyone is going to be okay after this huge scare. Rest In Peace to the pilot

Alex Engström

Thunbnail is NERF Rival KHAOS


@ThatCanadianGuy420 theres two in Colorado and i think this one is in Texas



Carter Nelson

Cody voice cracks 1:57



Cam eron

I have very bad social anxiety.. I can’t take my hood off when I’m in the mall or on the bus cause I’m scared everyone is looking at me and judging me even though they don’t know me. After I graduated 6th grade it all started.. I was always afraid that the people I love hate me and don’t want to see me anymore, and I still do..

srikanth naidu

Hole in one

kevin lee

one of those twins sliding down must be the panda


who really knows. the zoomed out perspective showed it was like a half-court shot which is definitely feasible. i saw an nba draft pick who lived in my local apt area once hit like 50 easy almost all in a row. it does seem sketchy how fast the ball went for ricardo's shots, even if he put topspin and tossed them rapidly one after another


Tyler does like all the shots

parker cole

Nothing for sound waves to bounce off 🧐🧐 no sound in space

Andrew Turnage


Isabella Lamantia

Go Coby!!


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Jed Smyth

Who was in the panda suit 😂🐼

Grim games

With the robes and bare chest and long hair the corpse looks kinda like demise



in the 1:19 the second from the right is from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Honma Meiko's clothes

like if you dont care

Brennan Swanson

who is panda

Ulf Nope

if only it wasnt released in late 2020 ;o

Jon Bass

it's not fake, E60 (an ESPN documentary sports show) did an episode on these guys. the name "dude perfect" came from one of the guys making a shot and another said "dude that was perfect." which in turn led to the name. in their files they have every miss of this shot and others saved. most shots you see take on average 15 attempts they said, this shot took 68 attempts. but they are naturals at these type of shots. on E60 each of them scored from half court their first try with ease. NOT FAKE!!!

Jake Cathey

It all looked fun lol i know JP

•Rose• cici

Don't even call the girl your friend

English (Auto Translation): Can you make me vomit?


My parents broke apart when I was three (I'm 12 now) so I never got to talk to both of them at the same time. I moved over 3 years ago, 13 hours away. Every since then I've felt so distant with all my family back home. I moved with only my sister and mom. I've talked with my dad a bit. My mom got mad at me because I started talking with my aunt on the phone instead of her. I felt like I couldn't talk to her because she's always getting mad at me and talking about how good she's doing in life and that I need to shape up. Eventually she kept me in a room where she made me talk to her. Then she didn't beleive me. She said she felt the same way when she was younger and her parents would punish her for being bad. She always talks about herself and acted like the victim. So she started to cry and tried making me comfort her. She was blaming my sadness all on my interests and dislikes and all this other stuff. She was making me feel like I was in the wrong for telling her anything. Before the conversation she took away my phone for taking to my dad and aunt. And so I couldn't watch videos for fun. It's been a month I think by now. At the end of each week I kinda lash out when she tries dumping her responsibilities on. Then she takes my phone away and says "it's never a good thing when I get like this" referring to the time I tried telling my other side of the family about it. I always have to lie to people about my life. Sense my mom does so many things my dad wouldn't approve of, she makes me lie to him and the rest of my family. I feel horrible. I don't know what to do right now. I made some goals for myself so I have something to look forward to. But recently, they've been slipping away.. I'm so sorry about this being long. I guess I kinda just vented to no one.


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