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So, uh... this is very long. I went a little overboard with this one.PATREON:

Nemia Laurente

Tic Tac Toe!

Green Fluffy

dis story proofs dat it does not make ya ugly

Charli Chissus

10:17 SHE LOOKED LIKE MY COUSIN!! (Far right, woman that gave birth)


Wow I never got the car one, now I do.

Eric bywaters

I know twich, won't have very much of e3 this year

Everyone else: Yes

iBest Case

Very Sad


i'm here just for the yells and the celebrating

Gavin Fraser

2019 anyone


Why did this start with the cod zombies intro

Tiffany Newkirk

Jeffree and Nate, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss 😔❤️❤️

No one is gonna turn around a month after they just bought a game and buy another version of it full price on the next gen consoles. They want me to let it go

Rafael Franco


konco selawase

Woww 😱😱

3_3 ello mate

Ur parents don't count m8

Anchal Bansal

Happy birthday Coby and cory

robert vergara

How i felt on june 28


Im Mad at myself now

Mati Msp

It’s so sad😭

Kavous Shams

5 :31 I started eating

Josh Parsons

new york sould draft travis

Is this even enough new?

ryann -

Can I just set a record that has never been done because nobody thought of it?

Mutombo Says

Jimmy Kimmel needs to have Lebron James as a guest and have Guillermo confront him

Staple Monkey

are you kidding me? i can't even throw 40 yards!


I have health and social anxiety but health is much worse


@FunWithGuru did you notice the twins from the shinning in the glass box from the cabin in woods as well? (5:25 - 5:36) left side of screen

Atl Blase’


Gamer 564

You else here is watching in 2019

Ranzi Lin

My sister got engaged a few weeks ago with someone in the US and she lives in Australia

Utpal Raj

Mastttttttt h

Abdul Raoof k.p

guyzz can you do bottle flip one more time plz..


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