Polyglots: How and Why They Can Learn So Many Languages

My book: (affiliate)The Polyglot Project: Forever: in 3 Months: free 30-day trial: we will look at why and how polyglots are able to learn so many languages. Polyglots do not possess a super-human talent for learning languages, but instead, it's a combination of their individual motivation and language learning methods that allows them to learn so many languages.If you are interested in learning languages or how to learn a language, why not listen to what the best of the best (polyglots) have to say? There is much about language learning that we can learn from the most popular and influential polyglots of today.Here's a video fully dedicated to the subject of polyglots and how they learn languages. Enjoy!~~~Subscribe for more: other book: videos you might like:Is Immersion / AJATT the Most Effective Language Learning Method?to Learn a Language | Reading is the Key to Mastery: I Learned to Speak Japanese by Watching Anime Every Day: Learning Secrets DO Exist! Here's one: Is Why People Fail to Learn Japanese and Other Languages: Fastest Way to Learn a Language? footage provided by Videvo, downloaded from www.videvo.net"Sunrise TImelapse Over Trees" courtesy of Beachfront, hosted by Videvo.net~~~Music:"Send for the Horses""Nonstop""Inspired""Fearless First""Rhinoceros""The Lift""Bummin on Tremelo"All songs by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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The video took 6 hours to upload seeming for some reason i decided to render in 1080p. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this,quite a few people were asking for this one. So could we get this to 100 Likes? You guys have been amazing on this channel and the Likes give me motivation to keep uploading to YouTube. Means alot. Thanks ♥

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