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For my latest video, please watch: "FPGA's - Understanding what they are." --~--VLOG 270 - How the bombardment of UK government public info films about nuclear fallout when I was young, affected my logic as a grown up and now we have KI pills in the home, just in case.

Tim Materni

31009 you don't have that much suds

JaffaJuice S

Why they look like adults? And why the fuck is the boy giving her gifts if he doesn't even like her??? Calling her fat and all....


4,(420),047  Smoke weed every day 

Oskar Bahr

You forgot the Far Cry 3 logo Easter Egg where you can see a man who is buried in the sand.


At 1:52 Ty is filming!

Cold Hold

Needed this 😫🙏🥵

Niclas Michelsen

donald trump

ricky 89

is fake


Is Ty the leader


Oh you poor thing i'm so sorry

Hybrid the Killer/Assassin

Bobby is awesome with da bow boi

Carlos Nava

Nice musical taste m8, luv ur videos, greetings from Mexico!

Mystical_ PanDa

i see itbut my dreem is to play foot ball nfl


The Roboboy998

This is a battle?

No actually I am your 1 millionth subscriber


Damn you're about to get rich off that book

Evan Weller

Any in 2019?

Bubblelicious101 Jennings

This is how much times I have never successfully done a trick shot

kutu semut

very easy

Rajesh Debar

Teletubbies is sooooo weak

Rhys Carter

What a waste of gatorade

2018: I saved a couple of adults from suicide.

Alex 0

1 2 3 all the kids bully me but their not so cool I’m gonna shoot up the school ayy 11:12

Ava Mcwhinnie


Gorakh Patil

Stop Braking toys give it to poor children

Taylor Ball

Also I like Coby’s hair like that

Ray Letak

Nick Foles

keilah visscher

I can’t stop listening to this omg


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