Primitive Boy Saves Family Turtle From Python Attack - Big Snake Attack On Turtle - YouTube

Primitive Boy Saves Family Turtle From Python Attack - Big Snake Attack On TurtleTHANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!

April Aries

I feel so had for Mike, I hope he stays happy forever even with his bad childhood.

marble 🥳😳🥴

i love how the walk so perfectly synched on the beat.

Gaming Series

Anybody in 2019 ??

Mike Pluimer Jr

CHECK OUT The Backboard Breakin' Boys ON YOUTUBE

FM Him Channel

I love the long ball 🎳 the most

Android Nokia

I was in depression for a month but after I treated by siketic and regular medicine course now I'm good ...

Mustafa Mohammed Sayeed

Wa.. wa.. What?!?!?!?!?!!?

anxiety: you look like a child

Tfue Side Channel

And then I woke up

Matthew LaRose

I'm a Coby fan!!!!!! Even though he has never won a battle!!!

Dimitrios Staikos

Me: Wait.. U like school?? Where r u from? Her: from jamaic- Me: ohhh from pluto!! Ye thats cool u alien (school sucks) deal eith it nerds

Bank Shotter

This music choice.. Are you me?

h2h2 productions

I saw a lost dog pic in Wreck It Ralph and it was Bolt missing

2: rdr


Found 3/4 hidden easter eggs

Julien G.

I guessed lord of the rings before he did !!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of myself !


You obviously don't get the joke.

Daman Saran

ty swared why


There's something that just cant be replaced about being one of those poor sons a bitches down there with 2 tanks of kerosene strapped to their backs with fire pooring all over the VC. The man in the dark pajamas, a formidable opponent indeed popping outta one of them spider holes soaked with rice paddy. Aint no human in this world  harder to ignite with your flame-tosser then one that's been seeping himself deep in that rice paddy wearing one of them lil triangular hats, its supposed to keep the rain of em something you cant do when you been neck deep in muddy, maggoty, malaria-ridden water you poor sumbich, Ill send you straight to hell with my hell-fire fight fire with fire look both ways before you cross the street don't you take any wooden nickels you little VC little tic....

Adrianna Ruiz Prieto

I would want to be your friend coby 😃 you would be an interesting friend to have

Rolando Garay

“Life is getting better finally”

Syazwina Salman

We hit 4M!!!!❤🤘🌻


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