Print vs Return - Python (What's the Difference?)

This video will explain the difference between print and return in functions in Python! Also, if the pace of the video is too slow for you, make the playback speed larger than 1! If anything in this video was unclear please let me know in the comments and I'll try and clear it up!

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I knew they would do it eventually. This was my favorite and my first FF game. I can’t wait to boot it up on the Switch!

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Did I miss them showing what Kevin thought about the Globe, or did they not include that in the video?

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You are the best! Great video as always.

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03:25 that zoom was unnecesary. We all knew that's what you were looking at, Boss

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Whose the person in the video who did the trick shot at 1:59 ?! Could it be the panda?


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