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This math video tutorial explains how to solve probability word problems using marbles as examples.It provides a basic review of calculating probability for independent events.It goes over the rules of compound events focusing on key expressions such as and/or."And" is associated with multiplication while "or" is associated with addition.This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems of calculating probability with replacement and without replacement.

Robin Eyre

the balloncy shot

Damp Playz

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#8 was cool

Jason Herrera

On 5:00 you can tell they reverse that part to make it look like he actually threw it back to him. Also look a Ty

Ruby Boyden

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Karma starts to set in

Dante E

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Gonvindharajulu Krishnamurthy

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Life & Death

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Carole Kardy


Jyoti Gurung

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Ross Barker

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Its six not seven in most countries

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Matt Dab


Brick Space

I wish I could favorite this video more thank once. It is so well done! I love the direction you are heading in, Guru. Keep up the good work :)


Stupid game.


this video raises awareness but is probbo


Its so cool that you add easter eggs to your own easter egg videos haha. Nice

Nia-Kai Campbell

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Jack G

hEy gUyS toDay i wiLL coMmenT “are you watching this in 2019?” sO i caN Get lIkeS :D

RoseHeartLove 4

#34 Trending in England! Keep up the good work twice!



Thomas Pease

at 1:50 was awesome when the pin flew into the other lane and knocked the pin down

Captain Boomer

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Here is the deleted part of the movie

Progamers Csatorna



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Bad bruisedand Broken

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