Program a Flip Flop Using One Shots - ONS, OSR, OSF in Allen Bradley's RsLogix 500 Micrologix PLC

This is a popular request we get from viewers and is a great example to explain how one shots such as ONS instructions work.You can find step by step instructions of this video at can find our FREE lesson series including creating a new program, downloading, and going online atforget to like and comment on our videos and subscribe to our channel.these videos by becoming a patron on Patreon: program uses the Micrologix PLC but other Allen Bradley PLCs such as the SLC and even the Controllogix/Compactlogix are similar.Items used in this video:PLC Trainer

William Shapiro

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Six Slacker

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Petculescu Andrei

The *rapidly saying* PINK FROSTED SPRINKLE DONUTS are also a reference to...*drums play* IAN from SMOSH

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WofCookie :3

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Aileen Bordelon

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Mad Manicorn

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We get a new Vietnam-war game from a popular developer.

Dorian Gray

When you said it was dedicated to lebron I thought you were going to be flopping in slow mo or something.

Goth Gacha


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Preston Dobmeier

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STF 29

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Carol Anne Slack

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Tania Flint

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Alinne Garcia

Why is no one talking about the “Duck Song” reference in 3:55?! 😂❤️

Kim Burata

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Until Dead Island Riptide is out I will probably be uploading a bit more than usual as there are some games I need to do videos of that I was meant to a while ago (MGS4, Super Smash Bros Brawl etc.). I hope you guys enjoy this one. Thanks for Watching.

Colton Hite

the panda is the guy at 0:25

Paul Dye

Can we have editor edition 2 please and thank you

muneeb islam

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Yung Pepto

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