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Learn web development fast:Python 3 fast: it comes to becoming a developer, there are a few routes you can take in terms of your programming career: get a job, freelance and build you own apps. Learn to start a Business: Instagram:

I put quotation marks because talent isn’t born, it’s made ❤️

Hawk Blitz

Hey dude perfect, you should do soccer stereotypes.

Janet Mensah

No no no it's peppa pig

Brandon Hayden

Shouldn't be Baseball Trickshots 2

Mortada Mmm



Coby will win

paupau de carabao

Walls are immoral. Why build one?

Divya V

I really wanna see their algebra test paper!!!

Garrett Phyra

I’m sick so I’m making the chocolate one tomorrow thanks for that!!

Syed Tayyab Noor

At the beginning I realizes that Tyler dads beard is fake. Look for Tyler dad in the intro cloth change

Crimson Beqs

This is legit giving me a goosebumps all over.GHASSSHHHH

Gumguez Rodu

After one minute I tought he was kim

Jeff Clanman

I know who the panda is btw they also switch it look at their shoes and the bike and then see the guy with the same shoes and same bike... HAHAHA

Bradin Kunz


Mr Maddness

Already Beat It Lol

Games and Colors

Looks like an awesome adventure. Can't wait!

hjune Verdeflor

Tyler you win i knew it now you have the trophy, im your number one fan.I always watch your videos, im using my moms phone.I am 6 years old. I sooooo love dude perfect!!😍😍😍

Sebastian Taylor Tan

Is ned forrester tyler?

Fred Rodriguez

how many times did it took them to hit the target ?

Can't whip like me

That so eggsitting

me:no held hands what you mean 7:39

Mauricio Fernández

Yes it does look it up


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