Programming Concepts - What is a Programming language?

Get The Best Programming Books Here: (Click On Show More)For People In India:1. Best Java Books:Best C Books: Best C++ Book: Best C# Book: Best PHP Book: Best Python Book: People In US:1. Best Java Books:Best C Books: Best C++ Book: Best C# Book: Best PHP Book: Best Python Book: My Programming Tutorials Here:1. C++ Programming Tutorial for Beginners: Java Tutorial For Beginners: Unity3D Game Development Tutorials For Beginners: DESCRIPTION:Concepts of computer programming - Lesson 2 - What is a programming language:In the last video we learnt what a computer program really is , and in this video we are going to learn about programming languages, in which we are going to program the computers. So, this is very important concept to understand. I first talk about what is a language and then what a programming language is. You must learn what is a programming language before going to learn any specific programming language. I have made this as simple as possible so that everyone with any background can understand this concepts, thanks.I hope you enjoyed and learnt something, thank you very much.

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