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Tyler Harrison

first trick was edited


RIP Jimmy

Smelly Cat_

1:34 that Easter Egg is in Saints Row the Third as well

him: s h o o k

Annakate Armour



Infiniti was in most Marvel movies as product placement, everyone drives them.

Spock vs Obi Wan Kenobi

Jr-space -cadet plays

Cowboy sing


Yes they can


Punters people to

Sheldon Sxngh

The editors did it better than dp🤣

Derik Jensen

More basketball battle

Also girl : "Gets abused and locked up in a dark room"

Milena Maas

This was probably the coolest video I've ever seen

BillyBob BoBoss


Brayan Mendoza

7:04 I to am scarred 4life


1:19 R.I.P


How do they do these amazing shots?

Sawgat Mahmud

@Garrett, bruv please don't ever loose a game before playing a game ! We're with you dude !

Hermogenes Manalo

you guys are breaking the law

Soviet Dog

no dilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tamago Nigiri

When an 8 yr old has a phone in like, the 3rd grade, but you're so much older and you still don't ;-;

Melissa Nye

2018 anyone?

Robin Nesbitt

So exciting and bright! I'm in love!!!


I have what she has


Please have Miz on the show.

heyitsme e

Theyre all doing midorima shintarous shots they never miss the real version of midorima shintarou"I follow fate"

Edwin Flores

What if it was 2 sharks and getting the same shark

One Piece Trap Remix

A lot of these are actually super easy, like 0:18, 1:59, 3:00 and 3:09, I’ve done them countless times in my life!

Ella m

You should do a part 2 of this!!

Tramaine Terrance

Hello, Humans.👋


The kids can still live there since there is a law protecting children of immigrants who came here illegally so she can be deported but her kids will stay with someone who is there legally and she can come back in at least 1 month to her whole life to get passports and legally live in the us

Damian De Gouveia

who's the kid

순 새


Jonas Campos

Hey my name is Jonas

Priscilla Zubia


Sinead Sh

You always choose the best background music!

Katou - Kun

I feel sick now-I hate blood and i can't even imagine

Kevin Alexis

son puras mentiras yo tengo el Call ofduty chost

Burning Derp



Good god bless the teacher who helped him


This brought me to tears. I’m male and was molested by my pears in the 10th grade. I told teachers and my parents but was told that I was begging for it and that I’m a wimp. I’m glad your story had a good ending. Much love ❤️

My school nurse: would you like a cup of tea darling?


where is this?


2019 anyone?


I'm going to try that at home except I don't have 500ft towerWhat a dumb assDon't try this at home?


I’m not scared of what my mom will say I’m scared that our relationship will change after I’ve told her. I’m severely depressed and am also in the closet I have no idea how to tell her

sleepy kitter

Wow people are so rude nowadays.. Jesus. Treat people the way you want to be treated!! it isn’t that hard!


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