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Get A Boy From Tandale Album Bookings:Email:bookplatnumz@gmail.comCatch Up With Diamond Platnumz On:Instagram:Video was Shot by Kenny Under Zoom production Dar es salaam Tanzania. For the booking and more info contact us through zoomproduction@gmail.com +255652499979

John Wick's Book

How did you not include jaws lol


there was a quest were i was hunting some people with a bounty hunter called "Djenge Frett" in skellige, while we were killing them he said the line "i like the way you die"

Milk Daddy

Yay! You can get ice cream in the dessert.

SavannahBeauty V123


Doctor Pain

I found a girl in witcher 3 who resembled Arya Stark

Jordan Vincent

Wow! Nice shots! Watch mine and let me know what you think.. this videoinspired me! so thank you!

David Castro

To me this is the best video dp made

Rebecca Granger & Adam da legend


Tuomas Valkamo

LOL first comment in nine months

Shalev Ashush

Oh no... the end of the world as we know it...

Kevin Ibarra

He said kiss it hu huh hu

Fizzy Milkshake Productions



Sadly guru, these are not easter eggs, these are endings, this is one of those games where every tiny detail will change the ending completely. :/

Eun Jo Chung

Who even thinks up these trickshots???

TSM_ HydraVeNom

Sub to teamedge

Sheylin Mercedes

El que lea este comentario tendra vida eterna que Dios lo bendiga

Aditya Nandgaonkar

Touch it and it will turn blue👇👇

Mike Dillon

I hate society being built around early-bird extroverts.

kaneki ken

its pacman

Lucy Jf

Why was that the title?

D-ma Productions

Can you guys play an actual baseball game and film it please


never say no to panda!

Lone Wolf

" Please make it stop, make it stop. "

chillpill 974

Dallas Cowboys baby?


GTA V easter eggs!?!?

Mousam Bhowmik


Ben Riggs


darkcape 500

r.i.p otis

HeyItzEma 16

Yes but you can't be 100% original sometimes there is someone who will look like you or do the same things as you there will always be someone who will be like you. But you are right

Roberto Arredondo


Vj Ryuutsu

baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PEQUOD DOWN!!!!

pirkaf f

у ксена эминем на футболке


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