Melissa Miller bro

Go to the bro and sister battle Melissa Miller.

hello world

There are child pornography laws in place to protect u. U should contact thr police and they will help get it removed


Turns out this game is pretty good, with some nice secrets to match. I've never been so addicted to a game with such a forgettable story. The combat is like crack, it keeps me coming back (first line from my mixtape). How are you guys feeling about the game so far? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

Muhammad Ehtesham

You should try tabble tennis

Ethan Buys

Aaron Rodgers is injured


Man, I miss this kind of editing

The idiot that got subs - That’s me

Nice shot!

Matt B

"Those 3d models were so cool!"


Marshmallow dodgeball haha!


If you have a XBOX360 you're on your own. Student 4: Me 4 :D


any one in 2018


my fav was the bucket 1 :3

Max Alphega

That basterd


I see they replaced the last cameraman after Anna's...accident

Kristian Riley

Thinking all their videos are fake because you didn't thick of/can't do it yourself?

Twisted Muffin

Hi Dad!

Frederer Power

Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI OI OI!

Skripty C

I don’t like gays it’s abnormal and not normal for a straight person to like a gay person or support it

Hrishita Pramanik

I heard a snippet of this a while ago maybe even a year and I've been waiting for it... So fire


Emily and the Aussie were freakin hilarious! Best parts of the episode!


The real wall that US needs.

Josh Thrasher

It's in the incredibles too tho

Mitchell Bledsoe

3:27 the twin tower buster

I’m a Shooter

The rage monster returns

Joe Heff

tyler tony


There is a severed hand in the robotics bowling ally James in the ball shoot

UGLY Palpatine

6:27 😂😂😂 that shit made me think of those memes that go to be continued 😂

Seun mørø

The fact he said any last words makes me think that this was a set up


I have Anxiety as well, I have extreme difficulty speaking to others, because I get so scared when I talk that I begin messing up words and even completely stopping mid sentence. And when I can talk "normally" it's usually too quiet and monotone for anyone to listen. I sometimes have to press against my throat with my hand to change the pitch of my voice, and that's quite difficult to do sometimes.

Spongebob Squarepants


Maciek Zieba

How Clash now everyone, haven't played for like a year now. Worth reinstalling?🤔It was and probably is the greatest game on a phone. In MY opinion🙄

2025cnutter student

1:15 off-the-string dunker

awesomeness 99

Ty wins too much gosh

TK MoneyMax

Any arizona cardinals fans here


I bet the editors had to edit their own video

beswa s

U r very rich u can buy I can't buy

meme olicious

Ur voice don't sound like what ur drawing look like

Fabian Ahmad

sooooo, didn't Cam start the superman reveal? Or was that someone else? It sure as hell wasn't Manziel

Angeline Jesse

I just go up to people that seem cool and say, “ HEY YOU SEEM COOL IM GONNA TALK TO YOU!” In my own VERY socially awkward and way and that’s how I made every single one of my friends, it actually works well XD you just have to be a good judge of character to do this XD



Kaybre Allyssa Powell

I feel confident now! Maybe I really will get better! THANKS!!! ~♥❗

michael brewer

i thought that that was the T-rex

Egg with 10,000 subscribers

Elsa turns into an avenger We’re in the Endgame now

Emiley Umak

Is the baby me when I was younger I had wires everything stuck on me since I was a baby to 7 y/o but I was born normally no joke.


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