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Lower Notes (Octave) Practice For Beginners, easy to sing. Improve your lower notes with this lesson... sing everyday at least 1-2 hour.Kharaj ka riyaz- this is the practice of Mandra Saptak .do share and subscribeProfile -Instagram -Veer Choure Records- - - By Veer ChoureMeri Maa- Janam - Na Sake -

Me and my mom went to difrend tests and nothing.

Joseph Bing

I did not expect The Office to be here 😂

Dave Slotsve

Do a swish


i herd the chucky laugh when he shot that pig lol


Emma’s channel really shows how angry the twins get w each other

Aaron Myers

Is his name Jef?

'Cause this feels better to me


Could you please quickly Thumbs Up the video. You guys have supported me and this channel alot lately it and it would be awesome if we could keep that going. ♥

Carl Paulo Liamor Opinion

The goat is a savage!😎

Danny Phan

The beard people

Adam McGee

this is awesome but i hav a video i am only 13 and this is a reall long shot and i make it soo if u will please look at it its ( Adam shoots long shot) i think u will like it!!! thxx

Mossie Haywire

Im free to swear


Where i can buy this Airplane?

Käyla Pearl

As someone with T1D who’s been through this exact situation my heart broke watching this.

oIo oIo

u have a great taste of music guru


dude perfect please do an ice bucket challenge but this time inside the bucket is gatorade with ice cubes


The first easter egg is creepy...


Lines were cool, beat was shit.

grabs her gaping maw, "Oh My Gaaaawwwd!"

Blake Hebert

Cory didn’t necessarily pick himself. The other guys just didn’t pick him

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Jared Morrow


Tatiana Varona

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Because your brain is not replacable.


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