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Hello Friends Welcome to GATE lectures by Well AcademyClick on the link given Below for Different Branches :GATE CS : GATE ME : EE: EC : Civil : CourseIn this course Computer Networks is Taught by our Educator Abdul Sattar Founder and CEO of Well Academy. He is going to teach Computer Networks for GATE .Computer Networks will be in Hindi and we will think for english lectures in Future. from Computer Networks Basic Concepts full computer network course will be taught and this will be taught according to GATE Syllabus. So if you want to learn computer networks for GATE then do watch our computer networks GATE Lectures by Well Academy, All Computer Network GATE video Lectures for Computer Science their is Playlist where you will get all lectures in Structured Manner.and currently we are focusing on computer science GATE subjects soon and as it completes we will add more lectures for other branches on Well Academy.About VideoIn this video till now we have seen many Topics in our previous videos and in this video we will discuss about Access Control Method called ALOHA in that we will discuss types of ALOHA ie. Pure Aloha and Slotted Aloha in Computer Networks for GATE so if have not watched then take a look at them also our all the future videos will be GATE lectures.Computer Networks will be in hindi********************************************************************To get Each and Every Update of Videos Join Our Telegram Groupclick on the below link to join 👉 👉 are Links of video lectures of GATE Subjects********************************************************************👉 DBMS Gate Lectures Full Course FREE Playlist : Discrete Mathematics GATE | discrete mathematics for computer science gate | NET | PSU :Computer Network GATE Lectures FREE playlist :Computer Organization and Architecture GATE (Hindi) | Computer Organization GATE | Computer Organization and Architecture Tutorials :Theory of Computation GATE Lectures | TOC GATE Lectures | PSU | GATE :here to subscribe well Academy👉 Lectures by Well Academy Facebook Group👉 you for watching share with your friends Follow on :👉 Facebook page : Instagram page : Twitter :

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