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anxious dog

I know serious comments aren't welcome here, but... Would this taste good if I used mango instead of pineapple? I'm allergic to pineapple. :(

Muna Doris

My back hurt

violet blue

Jennifer hit her not the girl


Guru what do you think about the end of this game?????

oscar arevalo

What is the track name at the end of the video

Duke Licorice

Team necklace


It's sad when a family member passes away. Great video! In 2015, my grandma was weak and sad because my grandpa passed a year before. She eventually got very sick so my dad had to take a flight from the US to Mexico. The flight got delayed a few hours later. When he got there, she had passed away. My mom told me the news and I was very sad. What I admired from my grandmother was that she was very kind and that she took the time to do everything for her 8 kids.

Tyler Trueblood

Coby 4life


Society looks too much at physical appearance and not what’s inside. I see too many people get into relationships or value each other only based off of looks, athleticism, drugs or wealth. It sickens me.

Cwt_ kOoK

4:21 "the police offizers"😂

Sakil Khan



Rug*makes new vid* Wish i had lashed out so i could be taken there 😢 i hated my life- still do

Thanh Ta

Good! I love Twice

Robyn Newfield

Team cory 1000%


8:43 LMAO

Elaine Hall

I have had my periods last me up to fourteen days straight and I thought that was long nope I have now been proven wrong


good game

kevin cougler

the Eiffel Tower

Layo Thompson

the graphics are so bad..

Anders Hammer

“Call me by your name” at The end ind The background😆 thanks for that, i truly love that movie

Lee DavidDongwoo

boxing battle

Dayna Langham

This really hit home for me.

The Lowmein

‘Gaaaaaw you ever drove a car before”?Talking to Dale Jr. lol

Anamika Budhrani

Americe ninja warrior probably gonna sponsor this

akshika vyas

F2 is better than dude perfect

Taylen @CESC

dont open

Buk Lau

The girl in the beginning sounds like Erza Scarlet

Horacio Gutiérrez

Ooouuh yeah soy de México oh si oh sí

Alexia Weiss


Talkative Animation

This channel’s content really suits the channel name🤨


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Patrik Smith

Surprised this hasn't blown up more.

Hi I'm Niangfries

In the summer, when I was about to go to Middle School, I had this friend, and during the summer, he told me to send him nudes pictures. First of all, he said, I wanted to tell you something, but..You'll say no. So, when he said that, I just got a little bit of curious Ya'know? So.. I told him what is it? You have to tell me. Then, he just said, no..You'll say no. He said, then I told him fine. I will say no if you don't tell me. Later, he told me to send him "Nude Pictures". I said, "Are you crazy? You think I'm the type of girl to do that? Boii~Get outta here." Then, he told me, "Please..Just one picture?? I need it fast!" I told him to get lost, and said, "You need it fast?! What are you tryna do? Upload that in Porn hub?" Then...He just..Kept continuing and continuing so..I got annoyed. And.. I send him. The picture of my bra but, it didn't worked at all. SO I blocked him and..Blah,blah,blah.. He didn't wanted to see my face, in the school lmao. I did not wanted to let the teachers, and my parents kno because, that'll caused more and more consequences. I know that it must be a better option but, I didn't anted the guy to faced harm. However, I already knew that if I were the victim and if he sexually harass me, then, he'll be the one in trouble not me. So, I knew what I was doing but, I regret all of it. But, I DID NOT FORGIVE HIM.

CC stop motion Productions

I don’t have ptsd or enything like that but sixth grade was hard for me and I had so much anxiety about letting people down ,in math class I had a anxiety attack and it was so much of a blur I can hardly remember what hapend or what I did. Soon after that I moved schools and am now a lot happier

Jimmy Schmendrick

Diablo III, in the harder modes, in the Cemetery in Act I, you'll occasionally find a fourth open crypt. In it you'll find an area with the development team in monster form, and you'll of course get to kill them.

Jeremiah Ondack

I love how all his lyrics actual make sense. like even when hes pulling a "lyrical myrical" it still all makes sense and relates and actually tells a story instead of just rhyming words



Elizabeth Howe

sking 🎿

Cason Smith

I am crying

Jamarris McClenton Jr

there is no sound in space yes i'm in ac science


Spaceballs is not an Alien/s parody, it's a StarWars parody.


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