Complex Numbers In Polar Form De Moivre's Theorem, Products, Quotients, Powers, and nth Roots Prec - YouTube

This precalculus video tutorial focuses on complex numbers in polar form and de moivre's theorem.It explains how to find the products, quotients, powers and nth roots of complex numbers in polar form as well as converting it to and from rectangular form.This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems and is useful for high school and college students taking precalculus or trigonometry.Here is a list of topics:1.Graphing / Plotting Complex Numbers in a Complex Plane2.Real Axis vs Imaginary Axis3.How To Find The Absolute Value of a Complex Number4.Complex Numbers - Rectangular Form to Polar Form5.Converting Complex Numbers in Polar Form To Rectangular Form6.Complex Numbers - List of Equations and Formulas7.Finding R and Angle Theta From a and b8.Writing Complex Numbers In Rectangular Form9.Product of Two Complex Numbers In Polar Form Equation10.Quotient of Two Complex Numbers In Polar Form Formula11.Finding Products of Complex Numbers in Polar Form12.Finding Quotients of Complex Numbers in Polar Form13.Powers of Complex Numbers in Polar Form14.De Moivre's Theorem - Roots of Complex Numbers in Polar Form15.Solving Equations With Complex Numbers16.Adding Complex Numbers in Polar Form17.Multiplying Complex Numbers in Polar Form18.Dividing Complex Numbers in Polar Form

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