Play-i (now Wonder Workshop) - Delightful Robots for Children to Program

Wonder Workshop (is making computer science education accessible and fun for children ages 5+. Dash & Dot are robots that bring the magic of programming to children everywhere. Order before November 26 to get a Dash & Dot of your own!Video by Feedback LLC

Joshua Tuttle

the baseball shots

ii Marello

first thing i thought when i saw the title: jkrowling


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Whitney Dahlin

What kind of parents kick out and abandon their adoptive child! What bitches. No matter what the child did they are still a child and are your family you can't just abandon them because they won't obey. What a horrible set of bio and adoptive parents this poor girl got dealt.

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Haya Kaki

I don’t understand these stories

Siddey Stunthut

1:30 why is the little kid in the reclame sign wearing a shirt spelled 'dick' on it

Jungletrain .7

this is not real, dinos are dead... 7:29

SuperGacha_ GAMER

I hope she did a fundraiser for skin cancer because my mom had cancer and she died when I was seven

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Wicked Editor WrapUp 95

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when the teaser is better than the trailer...

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jacob g.

I want to know how they made those


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Ender Claw

Why am I so confused after I watched this?

Jayden JayDog

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