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ONIMA - & Download: T - KujtimeMusic by : Bo BeatzMix/Master : Lorenc Alija AvaxusVideo: Imagine FilmsConnect with Capital T:true.kapo#capitalt #kujtime #truekapo

Princess Sparkle

.............This is a weird franchise(in a good way of course).

becon spider all gona die

Purple haozer going forward

Regular Invader

I don’t understand what so great about having/ being a mistress.

In battle of lorderon in the alliance cinematic at the end, when Anduin, Jaina, Genn and Aleria want finish Sylvanas.


make a skateboarding video

Giampietro Melotti

2:42 why the fuck is luciano pavarotti there?

The Cheese

Hahaha! Tyler’s beard is so big a stick with a target on top can balance on it 😆 😂

Him: But I never did anything else.


January 2019? Like


Gaming shark 101

Can you eat the sugar Bottle

Well shit. I'll die🤷🏻‍♀️

Ayy Lmao

I'll keep your secret Guru. ;)

Callum Teo




I Main Glaz

Tennessee whiskey. I heard it. I heard it

James Henthorn

The most impressive part of this video is balancing a pool ball on another pool ball.


8:05 Ahhhh that camera move was so good it gave me goosebumps!


You amazing 👌✌️

Jeff Nilsson


Michele Spach

nic shot

savage jajieh

Human controler

The door is over there...leave

Ammar Khan



what about the icon of sin one where on a mission where you're in hell theres a giant goat head with a hole in its forehead and if u shoot it with rockets it'll do the classic chant and shoot one of those skull square things out.

Me: (starts tearing up) still not gonna cry


cody threw this whole thing

Your size isnt a book, dont judge it

Art of Oceans

Eny one notice that’s the guy off jarrasic park

Samaira Wanger

Damnnn!!! I have severe anorexia

Old Old


In fifth grade, I knew a second grader who had cancer. She was so sweet and cute! She helped anybody who asked, she shared her crayons and always gave her lunch money to this poor kid who couldn’t afford it she always wore an adorable pink hair band with a flower on it. \o/


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