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Pretending To Be 12 In Playground Fills, Then DESTROYING... (Fortnite)Fortnite Headset: For More Fortnite Content!Twitter: Twitter.com/2Swifty4uInstagram: @SwifteyeSnapchat: NathanSwiftyy

nuzhmi zafidi

lol because that rat have a gun


When is the next battle coming?

Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

The japanese voicing sounds awfully disturbing and somewhat weird

Adijahnae Bailey

People are finding love at age 3

Jessica Healey

who else is here for the comments lmao

Sattam Alzahrani

Omg the word NO makes me a billionaire in smacks


Das Beste Spiel bis jetzt für mich. Ich habe selber eine Tochter und stelle mir vor mit Ihr Seite an Seite in der Apokalypse zu bestehen. Ellie is tougher than Croft !

Rin Shimada

I loved the last one, very funny. Thanks for finding it, I kinda wanna try and do it now, haha

Gamer.Tajib YT

Like for panda👇

Screaming Goes Viral

Ok so who is this guy?


Hit or Miss, she took the freaking kids Yuh!

Alex Babayan

Ksi:I’m rich

Pathma Ram

You should look at them now

Jyoti Gurung

Just sorry i kick ball😀😢

Army, atiny BTS,ATEEZ

Streaam wave and ilusion !!!!

Aminah Shahzad

This is how many people love Ashannie♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

SlaZe 17

I think there's another easter egg in nuketown 2065? If you shoot both arms of all mannequins (i don't know how many minutes) they'll start stalking you.

Adonil Rodriguez

Cocaine doesn't make u float..dumbass!!

Wow Elle you have some nice slime

Thlee Jayden

I found out today chief armor change was not just because by 343 redesigners but was and in lore thing maybe I’m wrong about my thought on 343 I was confused and mad.

Tyler Zarbock


vahrenheide 187


Aaron Tar

Hey guru I don't know if it was just nothing or what, but when I saw this at the cinema I noticed in the highschool scenes there were multiple times where there was a hooded figure that would run pass the camera or pass a corridor and I couldn't figure out what it was referencing? Anyone else notice?

10 000 Subscribers With No Videos

Since when did Baseball have Basketballs?

Steely Phil


Prajakta kale destruction

Team ty

Malak Yahia

You are so brave

There's a whole another gaming stage than just start game, pew pew, game over.

Kerry McCrory

Barry me boi is me



Zed Xahu

i want eminem to notice him so bad :((

A Tax

ok ty

Guy Dahan

Best comparsion iv'e seen, you deserve more subs

Felipe Mesquita

the last easter egg = INCREDIBLE SECRET!


My mom is hearher



juan martin Zelaya

good video Guru, the third easterr egg is so difficult to find, i will let ayone else to find it XD, but i saw the 02:10 and the 07:50 ones, so im happy.

iPlayObbyz RBLX

about 9,642,211 more subs than Bro Impeccable on YouTube..


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