One Direction's Complete X Factor Journey Part One - YouTube

Part one of One Direction's complete journey on series seven of the UK X Factor in 2010, including their televised performances and everything that happened backstage and in the contestants houses. Part One includes the boy's first auditions, bootcamp, being put together as a band and performing at judge's houses.Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original videos used to put this together. No copyright infringement was intended in the making of these videos. The rights to a lot of this content belongs the The X Factor UK. I am not affiliated with The X Factor or One Direction in any way (if only). Apologies for my terrible video editing skills and all of that. Some of the clips in these aren't the best quality because no better quality versions of them exist (so try to forgive parts that are pixelated etc). I'd appreciate if nobody reposted these onto Youtube or any other site without permission. Enjoy!



Mansur estes

big black what? 😐

Emma Adams

Hey I'm sorry 😐


do facecam video pls :)


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Sooo did the instructor live??

Jennifer Browe

how tall is cody

Гоша Шепель

1:45 ty almost exposed himself

Rogers Pictures

i seen this easter egg before but now i stop playing it 4:27


You don't see the guy sitting on the ground...

Nawal Amin

I have tree nut allergies (Pistachios, cashews, walnuts, pecans, etc...), anybody?


😂 I like it


i hope to see more glitches and ofcaurse eastereggs!

Luke Tam

Just like force unleashed

Angelo Alto


Derek the cuber

it is funny how garret wanted to disqualify himself and won at 3:16


2:26 Either That Guy To The Left Looks Like Jordan Schlansky Or He’s Switched Jobs.

Inagami Kun

I went to the exact same spot on PS4 and I couldn't find it


1:43 Attack on Titan opening theme intensifies


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Safiya Kanneth

Can you just make it from a large building

Aaron Smith

pause it at 2:50 and the guy on the board to the right is looking at him like "Whatchu doin'?"

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what was that last game?

Luke Schmit


The Gamer Family & Friends

coby cory cody im so confusion


Those black guys at the end are like- ok ok.... its not THAT good....... freaking white guys stealing all of our sports...

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