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Josie Mukeli

When I was young


Laser goes to slow

Redden Molina

What would the next Bully game even be about??

Luisa Plantier Martins

BRAVO! You are so talented James Corden!!!!

Evan Roberts

You should have Gronk or Brady

Atanxt 2110

I went missing when i told my parents i was studying but when they entered my room, i was on my phone

^^ love your videos^^

Not Royal Skyline

Well we need a band-Aid until we find a real solution since it’s costing us billions every year


I wanted to watch that video so bad I forced myself to the movie alone...

Rebecca Roberts


アニメマニアthe anime freak

Wait I'm confused, is this actually JK Rowling!!!

Alvin Wahyu


Anid A.m

I hope that fire was set by Anna's power.Edit: just checked. It wasn't. If only... T_T

deadly poison 9000

2019 anyone?


Jeon Jungkook ,You are the cause of my EUPHORIA

Steph curry2.0

Garret was the camera man

But also can’t get over how she claims not to be a homophobe because she isn’t “rude” or “disrespectful” to gay people. Why do homophobes play dumb when people call them out? Homophobia doesn’t always mean you are literally terrified of or murder gay people, we all know this. So, I’d say disagreeing with someone’s existence is pretty rude and disrespectful and, yes, homophobic.


I have adad adhd ocd and all the disoders anexied dislyeax all of them

kane trickshots alot

For tyWhy did the tolipaper not win the raceBecause it got wiped out


So nice to see they genuinely love and care about people and these kids you have to like this or else you don't have a heart

Casey Foote

do a overtime

Brady Stark


Will and Reid

make a new video

Yeetus Da fetus 245653

LMAO these players have to be fake bc those people would sweat build to the limit then combat shotgun them in the face.



Jeremiah Barrera

Do you master bating


U deserve many subs :D

Azim Deen

4:40 is that dj khaled ??? On the painting

CrabCake_YT L

0:47 is so satisfiying

Sunny Wolfie

I have the book


Yes, you have another option...

Edward The Good YouTuber

I know the Jason Jones easter egg

Lori McNeill

I liked hockey can I play with you guys

l hope it will past through like a bad memory and it will never come back!


How was the guy who did the backflip

Mr Insane

How do these videos make anyone mad?? These people get mad at the drop of a hat


name of the song?

Jaylin dragon

I got hit by lightning Btw I have been subscribed to you since I was 6.


hol up. you had math hw when you were FIVE?

free fire battlegrounds

Mohammed ali


Shake it Baby

Freesh- Bakadoo

Is it just me or is that friend toxic


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