Do I Confront Bullies In My Tech Department, Or Stay Quiet Until I Find A New Job? - YouTube

I work in a manufacturing company. I worked my way up from grunt line work into IT. I dont have much formal education in IT (except Udemy courses). I was hired into IT because people would come to me before they went to IT with their problems. Our IT department can best be described as toxic, rude and no one gets along. Everyone in IT talks badly about everyone in IT when they talk to managers and end users. Suddenly this office has been taken over by the IT office of a sister company. This sister IT company has 3 employees who are part of a biker group and good friends outside of work.The situation as a hole has stayed the same and as the new guy who isnt part of the gang, I have been wrongly blamed for things I had little to nothing to do with because the managers wanted to look good. One example is I set up a fake proxy in Internet Explorer on production computers so they couldnt have an internet browser or internet radio. The new manager said this was the reason that group policy couldnt push out scripts to windows XP systems. I was told by our networking IT contractors that this wouldnt make such problems. Since then, they used my fake proxy trick in two other offices without telling me, or giving me any credit. In situations like this, should I just keep my mouth shut because im the new guy, or should I stand up to the bullys and refuse to be a victim? Or maybe I should use the time in IT to get experience and formal education and look for a new job?-Mark R.Schedule a Skype Meeting with Eli: of New Videos at SoundCloud: Ask Questions Email: Question@EliTheComputerGuy.comFor Classes, Class Notes and Blog Posts:the Main YouTube Channel at:us on Twitter at:


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