Groovy Beginner Tutorial 1 | What is Groovy

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Nick_ Benk

Who else likes watching old DP videos in 2019


What if he does a gaming commentary


love this song


There’s too much effort put into this video. Stop spoiling us

Oh no, you were adopted

Mariana Arellano

So you cheated on your wife?



Audrey Mettenburg

You gotta go with the MAHOMES yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Panton

This was a beautiful Q&A. The edit was amazing! Thank you!

indian grimreaper

Tom Holland's acting skills tho 😂😂😂

Stephanie Samuel

If you ever feel pressured in a relationship, you need to talk it out or end it as soon as possible. No one should feel that way in a committed relationship.

Benny Mitchell

who dislikes these?

Daffa Wahyu Raydiansyah


omer 56

at ancient times thinking a king pharaoh is okay but now why

Pro gamer 0.6 5.89



he doesn't need to throw it that hard laterally because the ball is in the air so longyou could do a simple physics problem to figure out how hard to throw it



Emil Høgsted

Are u a animator youtuber?

Orn Free Taa

His SR2 character is Faith from Mirror's Edge.

Jordon Riley

Team necklace



Basketball hoop from 2600 feet (burj knalifa!!!)

Ruven S

you dumbass, indie means that the game doesnt have a proper game company

This same thing applies to life

Adrian Estrada

Dallas cowboys

Friend: hey bro

JuicyHotz Gaming

Cancer sucks

Carmen Schmidt

ty is gonna win

Noval Adittya

2019 ?

Dev the dude

3:10 LOL sky blasting

Kali Jones

They are just so funny and the absolute best ever it is my DREAM to meet them


Ah here i go again getting lionheart on disk 1 and shit

But most importantly

Morgan Armstrong

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Supa Sports

Comment Pie98% About Coby1% About the suits1% other

Zezok K


My thought: OH MY GOD shes so nice . What was i thinking . I was over reacting. She cares about me? UwU. Man i love her so much. Its not her fault.

Indrajit Sen

lionel messi


Dude perfect can you dab in the next video for a celebration?

Abdullah Ali

What add did u get?

Superior Neon

I play ice hockey but I'm an islanders fan

Trish is a Leo

4:21 oml

Kenneth Rosales

Miter miss ya

Sweaty Nacz

Why are they using swords

Martwy mem, a jednak chcę umrzeć jeszcze raz

Ohhh, that "our founder" isnt an adult joke. Human anathomy. Plz.

Pusa Panginoon

3018: Call of duty 106 comes out, has Dark Souls 3 reference


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