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Um ihren Hauptschulabschluss zu erlangen, muss eine Gruppe an Problemkids in den Sommerferien zur Mathenachhilfe. Auftritt Herr Laupe, dessen unkonventionelle Methoden die Schüler nicht nur am Schreibtisch ins Schwitzen bringen...Hier kannst du dir ganze Folgen „Hilf mir!“ anschauen:Ratgeber-Serie zeigt Geschichten von jungen Menschen, die mit finanziellen Problemen, Liebeskummer, Stress in der Schule oder mit Eltern zu kämpfen haben. Jede Folge von "Hilf mir! Jung, pleite, verzweifelt..." beschreibt ein Problem, wie er im Leben eines Teenagers passieren könnte. Die Experten der Ratgeber-Serie analysieren die Konfliktsituationen der Jugendlichen und geben wertvolle Ratschläge zur Krisenbewältigung.#HilfMir


were can u get that shirti want a dude perfect shirt


And why she didn’t freaking went to the doctor at firsts when she got the job?!


Ayano Aishi

Who else is rooting for Elsa to be a lesbian



Doge Chronicles

How do u know so many shows.

Padraig Curran

team Coby for life!!!!

Merida 4825

Jaiden: “I don’t like minor inconveniences because I’m a baby”

Echa Melani

Dude Perfect

TNBL 2006

did that f*cking asshole (i meant the PE teacher) got executed?

Mateo the Gaming Potato

Texas Roadhouse rolls are worth at least 50 points

Glitchy-V A.M.G

I furiously found this vid and clicked on it now i realized this is bullying causes so i For example: I have a lot of internet friends, but I’m scared to show my face, and disapoint them because I am ugly..

aheat fan

Loved it

Ashneet Singh


Sonia Elisabeth

Don't drink alcohol!!!!!! 😦

Kirah Robinson

Idk man some adopted kids are stupid I’m adopted and I never blamed my adoptive mother y’all odd

AquaFishRulz -Gaming-

I am fat. And i weigh 68 kg. Plz help meh


guy in the airplane 2:41 looks like jack from LOST

Tristan Scott

he said the f word at 4:36

the thundershock

The arrow 3 pointer


I don't get how these are unused?


Lmaooo childish gambino LoZ edit

adeline pew

Me:watches video

Bailey Watson


Rainbow Dash

This is what I'm going through right now and I really don't know what to do tbh. I'm really sorry.

Minajul Shaikh

Please make gamer stereotypes

{AMM }

U look beautiful just the way u are😊 no matter what u look ur still beautiful no matter what remember nobody is perfect u think girls in instagram are perfect👌🏻 no its because nobody is perfect 😊i hope this will help😊

Smelly DOnut

literally every toxic relationship tho.

Jakob Hedke

You don't make the shots 1st try

Aditi Rane

I just completed this game which is dude perfect 2 game now tell me what to do next they are sayingnext level is coming soon last level which I have completed is 210.Please reply me.

Friends Friends friends

Tyler Comeau

Saw your secret message at the end (I think) I hope everything's okay and I know you don't want to talk to us about your problems, but if you ever have no one to talk to, we are here for you and we can overcome anymore dark times together :-) love you man, keep up the amazing work :-)

jayson tamayo

These are a lil better than there current vids

Philip Rentschler

The rabid toy is in the mission big brother

Owen Brown

Do a card throwing edition!

Darren Choy

6:45 he said 'dont see ' instead of go see

Me:in my dream...😳😳


I love how everyone points out the voice actors when he points it out in the video


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