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Taken from 'Lover Chanting EP', released 9th November 2018 on Ninja Tune: CrewDirector: Jack Whiteley & Joe Wills Executive Producer Emma WellbeloveProducer: Leah DrawsProduction Company: Rattling StickProduction Manager: Chanel ParkinsonCommissioner: Theresa Adebiyi for Ninja Tune1st AD: Isusko GarciaDirector of Photography: Bart SienkiewiczGaffer: Joel RainsleySteadicam: David PulgarinChoreographer: Supple NamArt Director: Sets AppealCostume: Taff WilliamsonHair & Make-up: Natasha LawesEditor: Paul O’Reilly at StitchColourist: Jessica Vile at FramestoreVFX: Chloe Hayward & Jeb HardwickDisco Trail VFX & Sound Design: Joe WillsDadeko 3D Artist: Prosper Unger-HamiltonGreen Screen Camera: Luís Santos & Prosper Unger-HamiltonShot on location at Allington Castle, Kent, September 2018.Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with Cooke S4 lenses.Main CastYoung Girl: Kaylia Dusauzayyuk1m14eva: Ramzan Miahlil_drag0n: Yukimi Naganograndmaster_bodin Erik Bodintiki_riki: Fredrik Wallinhåkan_trolldeejay: Håkan Wirenstrand Dancers3prettygirl: Gemma Hoddyfortun3_9: Kamila Becklesgrav1ty_pu5ha Fred Folkeskan3r_rubberband: Kaner Scottlurad_lurad: Stefan Puxonms_mirr0r: Ted Rodgers par1s_6: Micah Holmesprecious777: Marta SzlachcianowskaFollow Little Dragon -Spotify: Music: #Minecraft #Gaming #Music #LittleDragon #NinjaTune #LoverChanting

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There was another one with the tanks when you attack the airfield it's pretty hard to get to but when the cutscene at the start ends and you fight of all the planes there is an uphill road you can get to if you try hard enough, if you follow it eventually you should find a giant apple

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That scream at 3:48 xD it's my favorite!

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What happened with the riddles present in other trials games?

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Hey GuruKid, may I ask how you record on the Xbox 360/PS3? I would love to know how you record it. Thanks

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