¿Que es Go? ¿Para que sirve Golang? - El lenguaje creado por Google - Víctor Robles

✔️ Accede al curso completo: este vídeo hablaremos acerca de Go (golang) el lenguaje desarrollado por google.Hablaremos de las diferentes utilidades y caracteristicas de Go. Haremos un pequeña review de este lenguaje de programación. Veremos para que sirve y que es Go.No te lo puedes perder!!🔥Suscribete: online de desarrollo web:

GsGames Official BR

3:35 shoes of Faith of mirror's edge !!!

Edit: this comment was edited due to Misspell, I added another S in R6S.

Familia Bertru

Nadie esta en este pinche canal por la musica culera


Native NY'ER here and former resident .... my heart & prayers to all in NYC. Thank God more people weren't killed or injured.

Raghav RS

My birthday is on March 26th


Panda ges shot in the balls

Tasman Millen

Never before this have I truly appreciated how impressive Dude Perfect truly is.

- etc.

Jono Playz - MC

musk is born in the city where i was born

Debbie Marguccio


manish guggilla

Eagle was cory

Arjun Mandyam Dhati

What's the name of that song that's playing in the background when he's surprised??

Dante.D Sefa

stefan skyscraper struve on the left @ 1.47


The music in the background is so inappropriate

Thee Sancho™

Its in Lets Pretend...Coincidence, I think not

Honey, it’s better being skinny then chubby.

Rudzuck Ayden

Wer ist deutsch hier?


I think the panda is one of the brothers!

wheres my jams

I never understand why adopted kids get mad that they're adopted , someone chose to have you in their life , they wanted you. (Unless they act like complete shit then in that case I'm so sorry)

Konke Khumalo

" little sister hey dude perfect did you guys make a minecraft app cause i am crazy about it and videos"😝😝😊😋

Dominic Tennial

I loved the Jordan dunk and the signature dunk


Will you leave them after catching ?


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