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Nesta aula você aprenderá a criar um sistema de cadastro totalmente completo utilizando PHP+MySQL. Na próxima aula aprenderemos como criar um sistema de login, com base no cadastro criado nesta aula.Assista a próxima vídeo-aula para aprender como criar um sistema de login, partindo do ponto em que paramos nesta vídeo-aula.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Acesse o artigo escrito por Celso Lemes e assista essa vídeo-aula no Criar Sites:

Brian Paez

Any body watching this in 2019

Jeniffer valenzuela

Tvnightmare Gt

Lol Arab can do the two wheeler without even a ramp

Emerald Instincts

Saved? What why It’s like you don’t like gay people

Gacha Tale

These never work for me, sadly. :l

Leia & Dog101

Jim Shorts " My hair is long my shorts are short"

Gray Woolsey

7:00 This is why vehicles are never where you leave them in games...

Ozzy Mckay

omg gumbal you blowing a balloon lol

Jennifer Arrowood

Do a video with jake Paul

1:The doctors explain everything and never say "search it up" And my grandma died

Charlotte Mangold

Well racado made the 10 million point shot


Music is horrible.

Nicky Hawkins

Which is better dude perfect like or Mr beast comment best 5

the savage baby gacha

First I was like this Is gona be some stupid high school bully story after I wach it i was shook cuz what the heck was she thinking


6:59 - GNU Terry Pratchett.

Jorge Gonzalez

They have to miss

Jaimi Heckadon

Thanks, didn't need to sleep at all 😅

Potato._. Girl

Guys I think I might suffer depression what should I do?

Diego Devars

This game is boring af, I played it like 10 hours and found it really boring

Juan Diaz


Bojan Medic

2:08 Technically it's not a Hole in One because he hit the cue ball 2 times, but it is a really amazing trick nonetheless!We need a new name. Upper Decker Birdie, Eagle, Par or Bogey?

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