Serge Ibaka's Best Plays From The 2018-19 Season - YouTube

Check out Serge Ibaka's best plays so far from the 2018-2019 NBA season!

king savage

Yooooo my name is in the cover

Sgdh Ss

I’m about to vomit 🤢

Nick Kamaka

Hey man, spam is a sacred ingredient to us Hawai'ians 😂

StephenAmel Cow

Tobymac eye on it

Alex Shepherd


Tyler Donte'

Now they got police officers stopping trafic for their videos? How the HELL do these guys have so many freakin connections?!

Teo Prendi

Do a theory on caroline and the secret door.

Jonny S

I noticed the waffles in your name in the end, rip 11 but not really

RavenCraft 514

They should do a Chris vs Liam Hemsworth video

study with Imene

that girl didn't do her job right and she argued with him aghhh hate people like her , and he has the right to get angry cause she ruined his fucking suit not once but TWICE -_-

John Nitrous

12:42 is show a part of ending game



5:51 😭😭😭😭 💀 wow

Daddy Thanos, fist me with your Infinity Gauntlet

Wow I never knew the Atari Easter Egg for Black Ops 2

And turtles.

That all the world will be in love with night

Marius Maximus

Wow, Halle looks beautiful as always. I wonder how old she is...

Claire Alderson

I thought the the title said I saved my friend with a gay kiss LMAO 😂😂😂


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Ark0ny Gaming

Bruh, lowkey this comment section is gayer than James Charles

Moderiecooper Moderie

Wilson sucks

Death Reaper

My boardshorts came off and everyone looked at me and I laughed about it and went back into the water hahhahahahaha

Christian Rosario

I would really like to know the title and artist of the background music

Carralié Alice

Well then wear a wet suit or a bathing suit

Alli Shadow

No Your not problem!

James Garay

#15 en Mexico 🇲🇽.. good job Twice! 🎈


Do Patrick Mahomes

Angelica Naomi Tjoantara

How to differentiate the trolls...


porter is a developer at infinity ward who lost his daughter. have some respect


Mark Mobley

Two more big hoops


I’m all of them (:

Haminari YT

I had a dream that I watched this

Justin Gonzalez

No load times = EA Anthem creators right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mark Davis

my mother is a hamster I shall not want. the bunny kisses the moon at midnight on the neck of the laughing giraffe while the bald eagle flutters into the heavens

Dumpster Rat

for some reason a lot of the time i’ll just be at school and start panicking for no reason. My heart rase will significantly increased, i’ll start shaking uncontrollably and if i stop moving i feel as if i’ll pass out. Whenever this happens i get really scared for no reason.

Aria Shah

Omg! The animating is so good!!

mY Wig iS sNatCHed

The animation is made really good. Im surprised

R3ckleSS Calder

2:21 that’s what she said Sorry had to do it:)

shees Chaudhry

Cody looks like his dad

Gh Gh

Anyone else here ever actually bought the nugget bubblegum?I have

beauty girl

Good drawing.

The Shadow Phoenix

do a reaction to the new trailer for frozen 2

Parker Patefield


Case Kooiman

Wow really magical ty

Forgotten Games / Latest Games

Did you see the troll meme in 1:60 ??


Great videos! Although i must say i like your game videos better than you movie videos. 

Elijah Oien

Team ty 😁

My name is UGLY

I just realized. The stages that they mention are some of the stages of death

Miles Wilson

Awful British accent




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