DIRT CARVLOGScrutineering IOX 2019 AndalasEpisode 65 : Siapa yang gak tau salah satu offroad ekspedisi terberat di Indonesia, IOX! Tapi masih banyak yang penasaran, apa aja sih yang mereka bawa didalam mobil?Langsung aja kita liat bareng ya pas sedang proses Scrut sebelum offroad dimulai!Selamat menonton :)Follow My Instagram :

Leong Mun

Guru u are my fav youtuber i just love how u find all the easter egg and haha i gonna play fallout 4 on my ps4

Владислав РЫБКО

Как долго вы это делаете

analie ricapor


Matthew yeater

I bet you don't have cricket or croquet

Justin Marko

anyone else notice he does the stewie griffin cool whip wh sound for white but not for whisk


Do a monster truck race

xp games

U havent upload a video in a long time

Ryder Mcdonald


The Gamer Bros

where is panda?!

Kamila Torres

I feel so bad for u

Raul Morales

team coby


I am jocker

Elisheva Akselrod


Stephen kila jr

My favorite quote was “ I thought it was a floating hand


That last one was great I'm watching that shit lol

Luis yabdiel Santana Rivera

But if you were born on puerto rico like me then you speack spanish?


:The Homer Good luck on Dallas Cowboys Bye week

Lil Time

i wil wrote my history

Pedro Creper


We grew up playin' cops and robbers, I was never 12 Yo le doy muchos like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

kareen marcelino

and who is watching in2019

Eli Abbott

Team ty win or losr

Crusita Rayos

Do dodgeball stereotypes

Porter Collins

So sorry about your loss jeffree!❤️

Sewn with love By brianna


Non-Living Alien Frog Hooman

I can relate to this a little. I am 10 now and in 5th grade. It mostly happened at around ages 4- (Unknown) but is getting better just a little each day. When I was 4, I came back from pre-school, played with my brother and accidentally knocked down my mom's vase. She was very very mad and screamed really loud, ' NEXT TIME YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL! YOU GOT EYES SO USE THEM PROPERLY INSTEAD OF WALKING AROUND THINKING YOU ARE SOMEWHERE FREE!! ' I can't remember the rest but ever since that day, I became like world's shyest girl. I still had friends tho but not as many. I was so shy and soft and couldn't say no because of how scared I was. I am still a bit shy but not that shy anymore. It isn't only my parents. It was my other 4th grade teacher (Math & Science). She only liked the smart students. I mean, when I was in 3rd grade, I was even smarter than her class!! But then when I moved to her class, that is when my low confidence got lower. I still don't have as much but more than 4th grade.... at least. Anyways, she hated the students she called ' dumb '. None were dumb, she just made no sense as she was teaching. We once had a substitute named "Mr. Borden" but 5th graders and our class called him "Mr. Boring" because he was XD. That day lowered my confidence a friend who sat next to me names Ryan was really mad because of Mr. Boring shushing us, tbh it was super annoying. So he took my table for the blame and punched me in the arm, threw books at people at the table, pencils, etc. Only 2 people weren't being hit which were my other 2 friends (Almost everyone in the class was my friend ;/). So I decided to tell my math & science teacher because I had enough confidence because my dad supported me if someone does something, just tell the teacher. So I came back and my homeroom teacher came into the class during tutoring. My math & science teacher was MAD about what I told her...not mad at Ryan....mad at ME*. She yelled in front of the 9 other students in tutoring, 'NO HE WOULDN'T DO THAT! STOP LYING! 1ST AHLAM (A friend) LIED ABOUT SOMEONE AND NOW YOU!? Wow...'! I was helpless, and my homeroom teacher looked at me surprised and in disbelief. I wanted to cry and run away but I didn't even drop a tear. I just kept brave and scared. The next day, after we switched classes forgetting about what happened the day before...she did this... She announced to the whole class, 'CLASS, DO YOU SEE THIS GIRL SITTING NEXT TO RYAN?!' they all looked at me confused. She continued on saying 'SHE *"ATTACKED" RYAN YESTERDAY!' I was literally just looking at her like 'WHAT DUH HECK!?!?' They all looked and started at me shocked for a good 5 minutes. I wanted to cry. Ryan didn't say anything! He just seemed confused but stayed quiet. I really wanted to cry and run away somewhere far where I wouldn't exist. I felt like I was nothing to this world! That is how my confidence lowered real down. I decided to not say a word to my parents about school. But soon they found out through an e-mail by my math & science teacher. They knew I wouldn't do such a thing and knows I don't lie. In fact, my confidence and self-esteem lowered so low, that I couldn't lie ONCE. Ever since, I have been very scared to ask my teachers to help and still is. But this relates mostly because of my teacher but no matter what, I thought of her as a good teacher.

Evan Stonerook


NCR_ Ranger_24

1:03 seinfield theme plays

Texas Tornado

If you're from Dallas, these videos will make you home sick.


PLEASE DO MORE!!! This was so fun to watch.

Rocco Hartford

Ty the rage monster Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BUT Ty is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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Ginny Weasley


Thomas Hubert

Plz keep doing stuff like this



In my experience, I usually go with subs simply because the Japanese voice encompasses the emotion and small sounds better for the situation, where dubs can leave it feeling fake. The culture is different, structure of speaking is different and emotional responses to stimuli are different, so there are times when it simply can't be emulated in English as well. hey um google? imma need some help

Pomo Plays

left a like guru

מי-טל נאור

1000 cooment!!1

Brofist Amine

"If I get the Golden Buzzer you gotta come out there and pick me up" this man already knew it


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