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$2 for 10PCBs (Not only for New User): I show you a few examples with sensors. Below you have all the tutorials step by step with schematics, codes and libraries taht you need for each sensor. Help my projects on Patreon : Q&A page: page: en Español: U30 (150€): "GB3DU30"Ender 3(155€ AMAZING): CR20: "72HCR20"Crealitu CR10 (328€): "GB3D1201"Crealitu CR10S (372€): "GBCR10STY" or "GBCR10STY"Creality CR10-mini (287€): Tornado (289€): i3 MEGA (287€): X5SA (313€): E180 (235€): A8 (180€): Tarantula (180€): (461€): (217€): sensor: pulse sensor: sensor: IR distance sensor: laser distance sensor: sensor: sensor: examples: sensor: sensor: sensor: distance sensor: sensor: sensor: sensor: bits ADC: tutorial: homemade sensor: share and subscribe to motivate me. Thank you#sensors#arduino#examples

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Alejandra Rodriguez

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University of Texas at Austin video! """""""Nuclear Ninjas""""""" check it out!!!

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