Naked Science - Colliding Continents

Subscribe to Naked Science - other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare...How were the continents formed?We walk over them without a second thought, but where did the land beneath our feet come from?We go back in time to the oldest rocks on earth, to see how the first continents formed on our fledgling planet.We see how continents are just lighter rocks, floating on a layer of denser molten rock, the mantle.Travelling to the bottom of the Grand Canyon we follow the process of erosion and sedimentation that created the landscape we see today.At the Giant’s Causeway, in Ireland, we tell the story of how a continent split into two, creating America and Europe, and in the Himalayas, we see how two continents colliding create the tallest mountains on earth.But what of the future?Using computer simulations, we trace the progress of the continents over the next 250 million years and discover that they will all merge into one.

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Where can i get the song at 0:25.I asked in almost all overtimes

Daniel King

All of them

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I always think I got it under control, until it hits me again...

I didn't know what to write

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I would rather do the hockey hoverkup

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And there’s me drinking sprite while watching this 🤦‍♀️

1. Cyberpunk 2077

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When are u guys gonna upload today? It's Tuesday 😁


4:40, Wii sports bowling mode



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Wheezing the whole vid 💀💀

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giggles in sleepy girl funny shit

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What is the game called???

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The game that made me fall in love with Final Fantasy! VII was technically my first but I didn't care for the story, didn't really care for the Lego block looking graphics, didn't care for any part of it really except for six characters (Hojo, Vincent, Nanaki, Zack, Reno and Rude) and that's it besides spending most of my time at The Gold Saucer.

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sonunos genio soy de Argentina "

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u should do a super special vid for when u get to episode 100

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Pizzaplanet is loomynatey confirmed.

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REALLY GOOD easter eggs, keep it up body

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this is so cool.

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This is to common where i live


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