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What Went Wrong?

Girl that’s not fat that’s thicc

Jennifer Adedayo

What’s appendicitis

Reconone D3

IRLaimbot few...sick shot


Alex Villa

When my sister headed the part when she said, "they're both watching over me" She said oh no her dad in hell for killing the mom which is true is the bible

Neetu Suri

if u can bring hugh jackman or tom cruise

William Traynor

this guy literally an avenger

Holden Lippert

The sling shot was my favorite shot

Olukemi Akingbade

And lightning came from the storm

Devon J


Jerry’s Comedy Channel

Finest hour has the best Easter eggs


you never heard of sonic?

Mindaugas UZk

nr.1 reminds me of half life 2 

Thegamingbacon 383

Who's watching in 2017

Colin Mackenzie

Double Fucking Rainbow all the way xD

Daniel Tay

Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it. Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it. Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it. (Fight for your confident! Ignore what others say to you! BE YOURSELF 😘)


Laugh out loud the fortune cookie conversation


Are Elsa and Ana's parents alive? 🤯

Andy Feis

This is sweet, but Rage Brothers amazing basketball shots is better. Craziest shots ever.

Pig Princess

I have suffered from depression for 1 year and every day I tell myself to pick up a razor when I get home but never do WICH IS GOOD! I have recently developed anxiety and have not told my parents because my parents won't believe me because they will think that I will be a "sick kid" and they think it will be embarrassing but I would rather be HELPED AND BE CALLED A SICK KID THAN JUST BE STUCK WITH THIS BLACK HOLE IN MY LIFE! And I have also some times stoped breathing WICH SCARES ME but when I told my mom she said "why" I responded by saying "Because I get scared and nervous some times" and she was so mean to me and yelled "WHY DO YOU GET SOOO SCARED!?!?" I had no words and left my mom's room at that moment was the moment I realized that she wouldn't understand me and that's why I haven't told ANYONE!

joe galsworthy



Man, your voice is perfect for this kind of videos, i like it.

Stacie Heisler

so cool

dreamer with Head In The clouds

I think im anxious....damn


I think this is a new game due to it not being called Rainbow six: Siege and Rainbow Six Outbreak

its always me

Okay...kylie can shout as well

ahmya culp

Who can agree with me

Adam Bashaw


Harshit Singh

You missed THE DANCER!!

Jenny Mcgarry




Töre Mobile player

No, i don't think you ard mean, i think you did the right thing

Francis Rios

Who ever disliked... they disliked because they couldn’t see the like button because of their tears

This is not even my real name

Eyh, I have one question I would like to ask: Why "Guru"?

Olivetti 04

+Funwithguru who's the man on your YouTube padge

Aaliyah Salie

JEFF ??!! LELE !!?? Love y'all !! And credits to Rudy too !! 💕👌😘

Crazy Comic 2,000

4:30 there are 22 bounces

Na Psychotic



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