C++ Programming Tutorial - 12 - char Array

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Girl: talks to surfer boys

SupeR_VacsX Caw

It lended opsitedown.NOOOOOOOOOOOO


please talk more love your voice (as i previously stated in your q&a)


What kind of bow and arrow is that?

Sir William Isaac

lol rip saint louis rams am i right

Rohit Thapa

Everyone here who wants to be richest god bless you with lots of money and happy life..


i downloaded it and finished the game in 2 days... I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm eating ice cream while watching this

A dog named Shibe

Any one else thought he threw the turtle?

Michaela Saunders

I've played this game twice and I never have any time to look at stuff cause I'm too scared, running away from infected

Zrock 316

I swear if I hear another girl singing Let It Go


Looks nice to bad i dont play it anymore

Felix Llera-Jones

who else goes here just for the rage monster?

V Kh

Why so many ladder stuff, man?! Mate, you need to stop flipping the ####### ladders

Corn Ham

Naughty dog is one of the only reasons i've ever purchased a sony console. They do such an amazing job with games.

Felix Henson

Hysteria is a fucking Victorian age disorder, it no longer exists, and it was misogynistic in the extreme, and I really think histrionic personality disorder is really best not linked to hysteria, though they may have some things in common.


I fell off a bike,And got a scratch on my arm..

Indie Rae

Minute videos


The others story sounds the same.

Kitten Lover1522

“I would try chewing gum”

Jaws Torres

Also great vid guru keep up the rad vids 😆🖒


Everyone will hate me but "Red Sox" all day long


Dude you all do awesome trickshots

Jesus #1

6:05 what you think his wife says 😂




Great video man. Keep up the good work!

I playz AF

They got 25m views and they have 17m subscribers they earn more

yoga putra

In My CS GO Map "Bank" The Easter Eggs Payday Mask Is Dosn't Exist


you missed the toilets on the ship have the 3 seashells from demolition man with sylvester stallone and wesley snipes

oge moril

Tie looks like ruin from cod3

Aleeza Jamil


serious Gamer

Is anyone still watching it in 2019

Gamer9 Smith

6:01 is that the same balloon he caught in his mouth

FoxyPlays Yt

My guys like Chelsea Just like me my dudes love it

Sufia Bano


Staci Wood

I am happy you talked about Mature eyes. I am 43 and recently lost over 150 lbs. My face has more wrinkles and creases all over. I am now trying to learn how to do my again after doing it a certain way all these years. I would so love to learn how to do make up for my mature face.

-a Fan from Germany

JThockey 48

Cory missed the ball😥 on the field goal through.

Heaven Madoka

I'm from the Philippines too!

Nathan Chacko

visit steph curry


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