C# Advanced Tutorials: Delegates Events and Inversion Oh My!

This video is part of a series of videos on various Advanced Programming topics in the C# language.In this video you will learn what delegates are, how to use them, how they are related to events, and how we can use them to create dependency inversion.These C# Advanced Tutorials are designed to help make you a better programmer and learn some of the more advanced topics of the .NET language.These videos stand alone as instructional videos that cover a variety of different advanced topics.You should know at least the basics of the C# language before watching any of them.If you would like to learn the basics of the C# language, you can watch my C# Basics course at Files: Advanced Tutorials Playlist: Basics: www.ProgrammingMadeEZ.comWoz-U Developer Education: Techie-tid-bits.blogspot.comFacebook: Facebook.com/ProgrammingMadeEZ

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Fictional Brawls Tutorial and More

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A very well made video! Even after being on the reddit page for a year, many of these Easter eggs and references were unknown to me! :D Of course, there were a number of other details you missed out on, but that's only from the eyes of an avid fan after a year or so.

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