C programming Bangla Tutorial 5.62 : Conditional control statement - If,else syntax & Flowchart

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Zack Tomovcik


Eilish Gang

You had a child 5 months before you married? 😑

Marcos Vinícius Santos



3:05, It cracked me up when you were climbing the ladder and Jason just runs up to you and your like "OMGWTF

Mia Pollak

its like 3am for me but i am still gonna watch this

jc jc

I hate basketball and don't even know who all of those players were

Roy Atahualpa

I think his message is that if we keep on relying on robots or making robots we will maybe turn into robots. Idk

Emily Basinger

2019 anyone?

Wrill Music

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Kyle Kearns

Man this brings back some awesome memories! Keep up the amazing work Guru.


That last easter egg was godly

Love_Loved Mia

"could snap her spine in half"


Did you find any KOTOR 1/2 Easter eggs that weren't included in this video?

Cheung Samuel

need the song thanks

you are all probably going to do that now...

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an amazing video, like always. thanks for that.


@MrCkae no it just the wide angle lens

JZ 星星之火 Wu

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-/Nolan\- Valdivia

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Congrat. Guru, very very good video


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