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Both look dissapointing in my opinion. The BF franchise is going down CoDs way. Trying to appeal to old BF players. Isn't appealing to me, not even close. Looks like some garbage. I bet everyone will revert back to BF4 sooner or later kinda like they did in Hardline. I mean the trailer looks good, that's what Dice is famous for, but the game can turn out worse than the last one, kinda like BF4 did.


You miss lalalisam huh ?

Simon Malijan

do you know that the first letter in love is you

ホルモンPetald Clover

I was thinking ana was gonna find out she had powers too, but...this is something unexcpected hope it is good though. Also Disney has gone with the huge gaint monster again...OOF

_DEWG Gaming_

German sing-song voices sound funny LOL

Daredevil and Deadpool and Tom knows both their real names!!!Great scene!


Im a human controller every time i play a game. Even pack-man

Barbarian: Yes Not school

Hoshi Mochi

you call bad grades an A-!!!!!

Tyler Billhorn



I clicked because of MC:SM in the thumbnail.

Gacha Bear

How are u still alive? 😂😂

kris 5

please can you make trick shots of cricket


Disney-So here is our second trailer; any questions?Me-Yeah what the fu-

MrAwperson FTW

Ty did all the shots:/ why?

my name is Emily!!!

Elliot Toms

Some1 give this guy an Nba contract!!!


Guru are some of these like the one on Kino Der toten or something like 115? the song on the Wii?

Gustavo Gomez

The importance of the short game. Congrats Garrett!

Bryce Fair

Anyone 2019

Tan Keh Seng

i want you to do the harder want

King meemo

902 pm more like 90201

Aiden Gitt

Tall guy


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