Q&A | How it all started...W/David Laid

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[Chorus: Lil Skies]


how did you find all of them...


This looks good but we've been let down before.. still on edge until release.

Meidy Ipansyah


epic everything

The most likes I’ve ever had on a comment was 3

Patrick star

"life finds a way"

Jayden & Kaitlyn

zion, alocate al final, what?

Peyton Anderson

I love paint ball

Andrew Lukesh

I have seen the movie axl there is a big robot dog

Sakil Khan

when the panda ran away the scene was awesome... I love panda and Garrett


Appears the past wasn't in the past. She didn't let it go.

Tapiwa Hungwe

Back in the PS1 OG days😂👍🏾

Alice Minoldo

Nice story 🥰

🇲🇽 ♡

KSTZH squad

I remember watching Toy Stories When I was younger(I'm 13).Did they re-launch the toy story series?

jilet müzeyyen


Madicake bake

Honestly at least you're trying to change

azlan alam

You are looking awesome and rock star

Anuradha Bhardwaj

Yes coby will win

Abhra Vyas

No one will win cause I will win.

a wood

Tell Guillermo that we have Maple liquors not just syrup.

Irene Montenegro

Me encanta ❤️

It's a code RED

Ezequiel poveda



Ah Halo, one of my own personal favorite shooters next to Bioshock. Fun times were had. I hope Halo 5 brings something new to the table. 


same video with juventus

Carl Downson

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much effects.

Hershey The Hershey Kiss

Poor Girl

Nicky Mollz



Congrats coby it’s your first ever victory

Jacob S

First Again! Make America Cook Again

josh Robert

no one saw the dad murdering his kids through the window Easter egg ?!?!

Christopher Huff

Cody's haircut


Yeah, this is the best series around now;) Keep em coming :D

Tani Alex

Fricking love panda❤️❤️❤️

Harsh Harsh

Anyone Indian like plz

James Mitchell

for all u idiots who keep saying the ball just dissapears just pause it at 1:10 and u can cleary see the ball bouncing out of the picture...so many fucken genius trolls on youtube these days

SofiaTeh Pineapple

This is confusingI don’t get any of it

Olivia Land

I ❤️ the thumbnail

DanTDM - The Diamond Microphone

but there is no join button

Rah Man


Kauã Dias

brasileiro fã do dude perfect uhuuul


Lol “practice test” for exams that are in “a few months” omg

Hi Defiance

The Dear Esther one creeped me the fuck out.


This looks amazing. Engine upgrades were well worth the wait

11th trending russia If you don

Mr. Nibble Nips

Love the CGI! Hollyweird caliber.

Stargazer Swirl

Oh I cried while watching this, my whole life was without any real friends, I lived like a loner, no one to talk to, no one to dress up with me on twin day, no one even cared. Everyone always said oh I feel bad for you for having to work with her, and they made this game where they touched me and then touched someone else and said oh you have the star touch, btw star is my name,and I always felt left out, I have a hyper personality and people always thought I was autistic or something and to this day I have no friends.😔


That s not soccer. That s football

Jens Wouters



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