Quel avenir politique pour les Gilets jaunes ? - YouTube

Entretien du 15/6/2019 avec Jérôme Besnard, auteur de La droite imaginaire (éditions du Cerf). Il revient sur l'acte 31 des Gilets jaunes du 15 juin et la suite politique à donner au mouvement citoyen.#GiletsJaunes #Acte31 #politiqueAbonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube de RT France : en français : : : :

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jsawyerboi s


EE4: Best RG EVER! Sweet like Pearland, sweet like Peachtree (Like that)

Marko Armas

Comentario en Español , soy el unico que no sabe de que va a ir esta secuela ? es MUY confuso el trailer

Dominic Tran

Dude that's off the hook cool


Ashton McKinney

42 salvaggi lane Elma Washington state

(I dont know why..but it was beautiful..❤)

Chloe It's Possible

im shook <3

Lizard Gandalf

What about 2:04 DJ. Khaled?

Ethan Norris

On the amesia however you spell it one it said swedish develpors then im like now i know why pewds plays this XD

This is the time kd to really prove himself if he really playing.

Dlx Dorothy

Guys what do I do?

Ivanna Winx Gaming

the last one


Can you do that mission as solid snake on ps3

Catherine asshole

I remember when this channel had 3m subscribes lol

Tommy Hopps

8:42 The irony in this is that the secret 8-bit game is actually better than the actual game.

Payton Dykstra

I'm that girl

Homza ali

This Chanel posted a vid 11min long FBI OPEN UP

Vizi Gaming

Which one came first: they Ty or the Ball?

Theunicornyoulove Blanco

He sounded like ryan reynolds and his name was even ryam....conspiracy theroy shane


The jerk is so annoying.

Maulana Winata

8:47 I forgot where that is, when I was playing in Beta I found the wedding ring at the radroach and i was like "wtf" and then I said to myself "is this somekind of a reference that I don't know?" Well here it is lol

Seanne Louis Bondoc


booya yaldy

on the jon ha

Ellace Tullo

Thanks for making a video explaining all this, however, I'm a bit confused where the "anger" aspect of it all comes in. People usually say bipolar is happy to angry at random points so where would the anger part be taken from this?


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