"It's Intensity that always wins" - Programmer talk + life motivation


when they share a bank account....

Sarah Horan

Who is panda

Yaboi Jovis

All this wouldn’t have happened if u didn’t date a guy older than you, or u know NOT DATE AT ALL 😔

Celita Mask

Carolina panthers

Officer Mowon

If you can't sweep the floor, sweep above. It'll trick your enemies into thinking you can actually sweep. But you can't

Jamjit Kayasit

Каталина Колева

One like =one taco for her

Shea Hastings

cgi like a mug

Jose Angel Monterroza

Ufff that last one i knew, but you gave me the chills, i love you mate, i secretly want you to be a girl and marry you

Mish mash

Series Girl. This👏🏼needs👏🏼to👏🏼be👏🏼a👏🏼series. Pleeez🙏🏽 I am always looking for excellent products that have gone under the radar (as well as items to avoid.) Affordable treasures are even better.

Rouge PotatoChip

keodjsodijeodidjwodje HIS NAMES RICARDO


Man you should get like 10 million subscriber

Pidge 69

One like won't do shit

Sup Dude

The background music is so epic, I'm having goosebumps from it

Dooble Dude Adventures

I’m subscribed

ThtGuyEmeril *-*

They all knew the Tom one😂😂

crystal roberts

You should have a video with the herlum globe trauters in a world record contest

irene ramirez

Praying for KD . Let's do it for him WARRIORS

Jason Longhorn

Noobs editing damn aggressive

Lame Llama


Nicole greco

Who else cried

ariff zainal

Make a badminton trickshot, with lee chong wei

unicorn lover

I'm absed with Harry Potter

Xxanthony XXslayer

Need more rc vid


FUCK yeah, love these videos

Infinite GameZ

And that the last time he ever won a trophy

Paul-Emile JEAN

Who would like to have an air plane like them ?


Uncharted 4 is a collection of what makes Naughty Dog masters of their craft. Interesting characters, incredible atmosphere, sound design and visuals, packaged with an engaging, ambitious story. Naughty Dog know how to create unforgettable storytelling experiences. Enough fanboying, I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.

AllStar 5

This makes me want to chew gum so bad


Giselle Sierra

Cody can never allow anything to be "Super cool"

Oofey Beats


Sorry if it is real

Zainu Arshad

Isn’t it funny how they used a Sasquatch instead of one of their membersbecause if it backfired and someone was hit in the face😂 No hate

Helpful Apple

A 9 year old should be able to think rationally.

Jan Nowak

Konkurencja rozjebana! ESSA!

Joe Collins

eifel tower


little boy "mommy his a real panda" lol love it. im crying cus i was laughing so hard when the panda broke the branch lol.


Keep the beard

The Man

I don't get number 9

Flacid French Fry

is this campain or multiplayer

Riley_gacha 1234



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