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4. The text is clearly visible at the top of the screen and describes everything we need to know.

Gacha Obsessed

I have Asperger too!! This is very relatable!! I feel so at home 😊. Thank u for helping me find others like me


Man cigars have changed in the future

Girl, I'm so high right now


Toss a ball of The Dragster at Cedar Point when it reaches its peak at 440 feet. It's not as long but it would be twice as sick

Jonathan Larock

This is a disgrace to the United States

trademark joe

Im gnna put legend of zelda Majoras mask 3D

ieatcrocs crocs

tbh I didnt care about the man I just cared about the wife and the daughter.

KeyboardWarrior 2nd Legion

Such an amazing game , im sure somewhere in in the game there is a big easter egg , like a secret choice that leads to something or a secret to the story or just something , i feel like there has to be

Ragan Dobbins

I feel so bad 😣😣😞😞

The Gatorade79



Dying is easy, my friend; Living is harder.

Shouldn't it be



Millie A.

"And you can feel the other classmates."

Lalita Manalo

2019 anyone?

Every game in existence : hold my rendering speed

Officer KD6-3.7

Your videos are always of astounding quality, the editing and everything is brilliant!

Noahs Noah

The Patriots we're to stubborn to do a video with the. FACT

Jack Can Cook

Is what you are doing is real

Mortada Mmm


Mia Monster

I’m off of my period for two months and only get it for a week. Sometimes I just get it for 5 days. And I never get cramps. To prevent cramps, jus a lil bit, you have to not walk around barefoot, wear socks inside and shoes outside. And drink a lotta water.


anyone else notice that they switched shoes?

Lil Tyke

The song stinks but vid good

Ajino 100

Swimming Stereotypes

Cow is cool s


What liberal use of coconut milk 😂 anyone making this, please enjoy in moderation.


guru u are the best easter egg hunter i have ever seen i always watch all ur video and movie easter eggs


ear rape at 5.:19 watch out :)

Not told of Involvement.

Tắc Gaming

Tôi là người bạn đang tìm kiếm 😃🙄🙄🙄🙄😜😎

Boogie City

PIG he should be banned for life

jasmine garrett

See if. I wouldn't forgive a bitch

Kaffeedor -_-

Pls Thirrrrrrd!

madina adra

Wow great work

BradyBG 73

The basketball one was amazing!

e shadowz

That's why you always turn fall damage off... If you don't know how you need to:

Aiden sharifi

well done coby i believe in you all the time and on that day you finally got your first win and i loved the way you pulled garrett well done everyone coby cory garrett cody and tyler i’ll give another comment bye👍👍👍👍👍👍😄😄😄😄


0:53 bottom right corner


Why does him look like a Jesus or Moses?

updesh yadav

hello gys i am the big fan of all of you

Bhaskara Rama Sai

I was expecting you to use a leaf blower or some other kind of air blower on the burning magnesium to see what happens.

Ched Beckford

Shut down Kd and stoeh and kay each get 30. Kd won't force it

Evan Questad

1:04 is gud wallpaper.


WILSON COME BACK, WILSON IM SORRY! -Tom hanks in Cast-away (2000)

Sunflxwer_ essence

Ya know what I would do I would go up to him and start beating him up

Riley Leonard


sound like it

Adam Walker

watching this and reading the comments made me realist I'm a mix of both, mostly GAD now, it's reminded me realise how helpful it is to touch base with others that struggle with anxiety

Deepa Harini

Maverick's court


11:18 Except you're deliberately omitting the part where near the end of that episode turns into a cannon to shoot pikachu, when there was none around.

Xxgacha sister'sXx

Wait... theirs two people talking


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