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Additional resources for learning data structures and algorithms.This was #8 of my data structures & algorithms series. You can find the entire series in a playlist here: I mentioned in this video:mycodeschool’s playlist: course on YouTube: courses on Coursera: Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena (book): Google course on Udacity: (book): find me on Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: a programming-related question? Consider asking it on our subreddit:

Ultra Con Gaming

U were unexpectedly bad at that time

Brendin Scott

I thought you would of done the ratchet Easter egg where at 2 am on one of the fountains in the game you can teleport to an office where there's enemies they didn't add and vehicles locations etc... but you didn't


I’m not first hahah new it

Diamond Kitty

Oh my goodness I almost cried


What kind of pasta was that in the mac and cheese??

Nivin Suresh

People if u are inspired by this vedio ....

Chyleen Lopez

Some of these easter eggs are bad. They're nearly undetectable. I mean, who found that microscopic button logo?

Professional Commenter

Parenthood looks beautiful on you guys!


There is dirty jokes like in every Gumball episode. Honestly.

Aidan Maxfield

We need more of these vids

throws ipad out of window

lord nixem

TAPE me to viktory

Weird Places and things

Quiz time! Is anorexia a mental or physical disease?


How much money did they spend on all of those RC vehicles.

Kayleigh Grady


Lya/Kakashi sensei

Oh my... ponyo is my childhood ! I watched it when I was young it was so cool ^^! it was interesting and original. for me its a good anime movie ! ^o^


is this their job?

Dave Ruiz

primer comentario desde México :v (first comment from México)

Tom van der Pas


Sophie Epps

When I had depression I trowed a char cried while trowing a chair went to a corner cried In a Corner yelled a lot and sat on my bed crying is ok that I get flashbacks and remember depression


The thing is my mum and brother are the ones who caused it.. I’m not sure i actually have depression but I’m ALWAYS sad.. Whenever my mum does something that will make me happy the second I’m like “yay” or she knows that I would enjoy it she cancels it.. ik this isn’t normal coz my friends do have mood swings but they aren’t always sad. I do act happy but deep down I haven’t actually been truly happy for a while and I’m scared to ask my mum coz she sometimes is nice and understanding but I’m worried that she’ll laugh at me and think I’m overreacting and being dramatic.. My dad is ok but he is that type of person who is always cheerful and i don’t have the heart to make him feel sad because I am.. what do I do? 😢 💔

Johnabills 445

2:05 og lazer shot

Miya Vialva

“There in the jumper cable isle IDIOT!!!!”

Easily digested😋

Min Yoongi

"Let's play ou-"

Moto Musical

1:19 - 1:21 I think it's gonna be like speechlees, Let it go scence!! It's should be the new fantastic song❤❤🍁🍁

Mika Prinzing

im definetly the "thats playable guy"

Royal Fox Gaming

dont forget the melted snowman in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, in the old temple, in one of the rooms, there is a melted snowman, Frosty the Snowman

Billy bob Jones

"Oh yeah the blades are a fantastic teeeeem yes"

Mr crundee

How much are those sorwds


Oh hell ya!

Hamish Rose

That evo thing is asking for burns like that, first thing I thought, what a safety hazard

Tomanyan And the nyans

Ok so... Starbucks: The one near my house only gives my order right when I arrive early in the morning, Or while adults are at work, It’s super chaotic and loud. It isn’t the most clean. But thank you, Thank you for making the coffee place I love, Peppermint mochas, Tea’s, Hot chocolate, White chocolate mocha, and especially crossaints all give me joy every morning, so thanks!

Narcotic NC

Can you do a theory on the channel of 01a51cd0

gaming with smiley

dpp dude perfect pandas face got hit with a arrow with a ping pong ball at the end

Thomas the dank engine

respect your moms

Nevaeh Z



Go rangers


The bus is also a easter egg from The Magic School Bus

Quinten Saija

Still need finish s04 :s


There is a king slayer in the hobbit who is an Orc that has his hand cut off so That’s not a GOT Easter egg

I’m good at Fortnite your not LOL

And did anyone see the piece of meet fly of of Ty’s pizza

Raju Wakle

Tyler is best

James Reis

Cory smoke Coby

William Mayo

You should do a shot from empire state building @Dude Perfect

Shonade Malik S_Malik- Roblox

I sometimes don't shower for 2 weeks and i have taken a shower for 3-5 hours

Pdiddleinski Pdiddleinski


Raishteen Durrani

These people are wasting rubber that means wasting trees And we are destroing trees

Lauren Larkin

One like is one more child that has a loving family and good home.😍😍👍👍💗💗



Andrew Bogut mvp of the Australian league. I’m the nba he barely gets any minutes. I could go to the Australian league and be an all star

Brenden Quigg

Why is this not on Apple Music

In love

marina qs

Porque ela e L E S B I C A

Camden Cirillo


Ben McKenna

youse put soo much effort into making these shots and all thats paid off bcuz some of these shots r unbelievable! dude perfect FTW! :)


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