Reversing and Cracking first simple Program - bin 0x05

A very simple reversing challenge for LinuxGitHub: 🔴 Stuff I use ]=-→ Microphone:* Graphics tablet:* Camera#1 for streaming:* Lens for streaming:* Connect Camera#1 to PC:* Camera#2 for electronics:* Lens for macro shots:* Keyboard:* Headphones:* ❤️ Support ]=-→ per Video: per Month: 🐕 Social ]=-→ Twitter: Website: Subreddit: Facebook: 📄 P.S. ]=-All links with "*" are affiliate links.LiveOverflow / Security Flag GmbH is part of the Amazon Affiliate Partner Programm.#ReverseEngineering

Angel Quintanilla

All of the comics u pick up for Ellie are Dark Hoarse comics.

Nicco Cardu

Tu is just the best


i downloaded it and finished the game in 2 days... I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allie Flower

If you have another girl, her soul could be your original baby’s soul. You wont be replacing her. You are just having her again.


Did you have to spoil GOT and some or series?! You could've put a spoiler alert text!

foxy tube


*Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,

Abhishek Singh

That was amazing thank u for this effort

Brandon Howe

Never knew about the F.E.A.R. "Easter Egg"

Squid Yiffer

Fucking love the high quality rip you put at the end ;)

”I stalked him for a while”

Jack Redshaw

Do Fortnite video again

Shado_ Playz

The NAGAGE thing reminded me of Detroit Become Human



oh yeahyeah

this fake shit!!!!!!!!!!

Louise Wennström

I miss mw3😥😥😥


Too much xbox exclusives for my taste

Samuel Bjerke



I have absolutely no sympathy or pity whatsoever for women who are battered by their boyfriends or husbands. They showed extreme stupidity to have gotten involved with their abusive men in the first place.

darija langerholc

what is the name of the song

Duham :v


Bennie Oliver

Panda and where is cobey

and i oop-

18:45 e says “my angel” or something

natsuki kawaii

Meh best friend is palisted for life

Dog lover 2,000

No matter what I’m always on Cory’s team!

David Stallworthy

Song is good it would've dripped harder with a 3 way featuring The Weeknd. The slow down at the sets it up.

flappy duck

I thought it said husband's boyfriend 😂😂😂 😂💀

Alexia Bellings

Were in Texas do you live

Tanner Rhiner

Shut the fuck up Jimmy

9. Gossifleur

Kaylee Ferguson

I can’t remember where it was, i think it was the house with a note stuck to the front door with a knife, I saw a whole chemistry set and a periodic table on the inside of the dog house near the home. I can’t figure out what it’s referencing but it seems familiar

Trickster Spirals

the Fixing Woody scene is honestly my favorite in the movie

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm the coachLike if you are too

Melissa Durny

14 bounces



Aundrea Garcia

I tried to tell my father that I had depression. He didn't believe me at all. He thought it was a joke. 😢

Jane Justice Doe

If I had a baby and the person I was with hit that child, I'd be in jail for the rest of my life. He would be lucky if he was dead.


Not sure if they're meant to be Australian.... But Australia doesn't have either of these chains anywhere in the country...

Sindy Seepersad

The purple hoser was the best of them all


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