Ridiculous Programming Languages | Esoteric Programming Languages

Not all programming languages are designed to day to day programming. Some are just for fun and belong to the larger group of esoteric programming languages.Here’s the list of few ridiculous programming languages.Languages are listed in no particular order.1. Brainfuck2. l33t3. Piet4. Shakespeare5. ArnoldC6. Ook!7. LOLCODE8. WhitespacePlease Like and Subscribe for more weekly videos!Follow me on Twitter: me on Instagram: me on Facebook: sources & further reading:

santhana krishnan

so good and I laughed so much when Cody fell from the cycle



Donut Girl

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books, I have never watched the movie before. Love Dude Perfect keep up the awesome team battles, I love them

Kris Vallejo

I love the drawings! great story

Phrotonz GT

The two reasons I don’t wanna die;


Love the last one

Tristen smith

Erb has gone to shit


Attack on titan but it’s squid


0:37 How to save an ice rink from terrorists


what makes a queen a queen?

jonathan salazar

well we have a new nba player

Jaime Ybarra

I am the person that doesn’t even work out

Deniz Köksal


Idk what to write here besides I like tøp

Anxiety is the only thing and person that wont leave me alone.

Hanse danse

JC4 "Take me on" is so far best easter egg I have ever seen

Slayer Lewis

Train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep

David Perez

First of all, you guys don't even know how to play stupid basketball. All of your shots are edited and fake! Secondly, this game is crap. And doesn't deserve to be on my phone!  What a couple megabytes wasted!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GAME. AND I HATE THESE STUPID EDITED "TRICK" SHOTS!!!!! >:[]

And I have h.d.h.d and artistic I am know I am home schooled. Death

jos Ray

Please show us the story of the creator of Like

Joanna Tockes

Hokey trick shots

John Kangarlu

woulda been hella funny if he pulled out Tobey's spiderman mask by accident

william McGuckin

I love ty

MR Default

If your watching this in 2019 pleased like

Will Holt

I don't want to look through the video for a secret annotation but I do want to at the same time

Aj is Bald


Hadia Rasheed

high to low to high

Crash Bandicoot



How do you find all this stuff? Im impressed.

Calvin Jordy

Guys but im olmost as big as that the guy that won


You guys court 18 sharks in total 🦈

سلومي الشمري

Pleasing and caring

yoshe yoshe

I'm sure most people could care less about my words but, I was there last night and after watching this part when I got home, I have to admit, the commentators for ABC made more of the crowd hating then there actually was. People was cheering cause of the turn over, heck watch the people in the video, most of them are looking at the other end of the court.

freefire love/gamer

Give me one drone

jonna harmaala

That first was in bo2


J'ai pas compris le delire 😅

The Three Kidz

great video

Han jisung

0.002 seconds into the video


i loved the minecraft one thats my favorite game in the game lol

Michael Sullivan

Tall guy,beard,twins,purple hoser dude perfect on overtime!!!!


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