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Todos sabemos que apenas uma pequena fração da humanidade nega a existência de Deus de um modo assombrosamente verificável, a certeza da realidade divina é um princípio que permeia todos os povos e todas as culturas em todos os tempos a para muitos a dúvida não é "se" Deus existe e sim "como" seria Deus? Seria ele uma pessoa ou uma coisa? Seria ele um só ou seriam muitos? Seria Deus um se conforme a interpretação judaico-cristã ou seria ele uma manifestação como vemos no hinduísmo?www.novotempo.com/evidenciaswww.facebook.com/Evidencias.TVwww.twitter.com/NTEvidencias

Cadogan Crete

Well he flew to Wisconsin to step out side

Isabella Leno

This made me cry it’s not ur fault and ur baby will always be with u and I hope U have a child I will pray for you every day

TheFuzzy Beast

anxiety is NOT you, it is just another illusion to bring you even worse thoughts

Cory 5

Mike Thompson

You are probably the YouTuber I would want to meet the most.

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Lib3rator 74

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Laundry Basket

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If you didn't get answer yet that is most likely one of the multiplayer guys

Hitler 666

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Karanne R.



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Vikas Aher

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samantha gonzalez

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Max Aldebarane

Obviously that was a Jordan's Shot.

omg piggie123

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Neo Bondage

Cody made up so many things lol


its Sam and Henry not Sam and David!

MS Girl

I m crying badly and when the dr. told we cannot do anything and u have to say goodbye


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Edit: Watched the first episode, it was pretty good.


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HI ^^ you make good Videos ^^

Like:Gnar (new) Humans vs nature

Sam Stewart

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Brice Li

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Nick Thompson

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Oven Glen

YOU FORGOT ONEThe "Special Order"You know that person who asks for a special dish like "can I have the chicken with teriyaki mushrooms except without mushrooms and barbecue instead?"


Moral of the story: Don't party

Brenton Taylor

That Spongebob episode (Pickles) was in season 1

UnCreative Deconstructionism

The cake wasnt a lie.


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Next video ‘I created Nike Charzard is this some kind of challenge

Jenna Wei

The last book was published 3 DAYS after I was born. why couldn't I have been old enough to read.

Sarina Choudhury

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Finn Seccombe



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Mystk Majicc

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don miguel

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Larry Seeton

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Carole Serre


pneu _

I live in America and I can say your edits sum up our country.

Victor Rodriguez

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Becky Wilbur

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Denis Sokhom



Battle Bros

why did u guys go to Africa


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