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This spring, Ruby's auntie and uncle moved to Colorado. Ruby misses them so much. Today, we got a box in the mail from them with lots of special treasures inside! Ruby had so much fun opening her gifts!As always, thank you for helping us to make this a negativity-free zone! If you like this video, please subscribe so you're the first person to know when we post new videos!About Ruby: Ruby is 13 years old and has a rare genetic syndrome called Stromme Syndrome that affects her vision, development and growth. We love sharing her life on Youtube and Instagram to show others that people with disabilities can have a life full of amazing experiences, love and happiness! Angie is her momma and biggest cheerleader!Have questions about Ruby? Click here: & Ruby Insta: & Ruby Facebook: & Ruby Twitter (NEW!):


All of Maiq's quotes have tie ins like that.

Cannon Tipton

NBA stereotype

bryan resendiz

uhhh a tribe called quest

sam bendickson

Watching in 2019 Anyone??

Michael Benedict

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Mike Ehrcke

High scoring does not equal a good series for a player there are other stats that are way more important and that’s the problem with this gen they think hey he dropped 60 he’s wild but still take L that’s cause they oding on O and not playing any D you need the player to play there role and warriors don’t run that as there positions are different like draymond is there main distributor and KD the scorer but this series they can’t do that

Patreece Pickett

He Didn’t Do Shit he’s Good But He’s not KD

Remember when people say look doesn't matter when someone truly loves you..Yes..your wife and your mom truly loves you

Derek R


Sad Frogo

Happy easter guru from Australia quick question I heard there is a hidden super man in tv show Seinfeld


Ty 17


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Caleb Cole

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This happened to me before, and I still have it. I long time ago I ran and did not get tired until a very long run. Depression, on the other hand, made me run a little bit and got tired.

Arjun Jogi

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And its still black people!

Madison Richard

1 he shouldn't have done that and I'm pretty sure you can go to jail for that or at least sue him to you should have seen the things in the first place being a kid or even adult it's just not a good idea but don't blame the victim though don't say that's what I'm doing because I'm not I'm just telling her she should not have done that in the first place but it is his fault you should never leave those pictures and he should never have even had them once again pretty sure it's illegal depending on how old he is and I'm sure you can at least sue him or something because he leaked them


Chuck norris can solve a rubbix cube without even touching the cube


THAT ending, HAHA!

Dude Miss It

"Dude miss it"


Is jay a real guy



Leonard Andrei

Wait if you escape NK your family still in the country will get punished or even killed🤔🤔🤔😥😮

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Yonin Morales



Charity Gage

Legit got tears in my eyes watching this... I hope it will be worth the hype, as I gave up on Halo after 3.

MagicManIs21 Fandom

I think I might have it...

Like if you are it will be UNFORTUNATE


so God is real


I was on Instagram before I got this notification xD

Gacha Panda Studios

Oh damn i thought all those symptoms where what I had till it hit the rapid weight loss


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there are more wonderful ways to heal, just search about it. and be more open of who you are, & why you are that way

Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate

Extrovert:Please smile more, open up and talk more

Chidubem Obi

if Noodle ever gets out of hell with Murdoc's soul and they finally decide to do a Gorillaz show or at least movie, can you do 2D's voice?

Alistair Wood

if you see this can you do another one???

Sofia Stuff

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Mr Vibes

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imagine if you didn't know about the birthday easter egg, that would be quite amazing to them

Senõr Butterbuns

27 years of metal gear solid and now it's over 😢

Shorab Hossain

A video about Asbestos please? Living in a polluted city. So sharing an informative video will help out a lot of people.

Julie Gower

Love Mr Bond


omfg i didnt know the last one :D

Aprillia-sr50r -

loved the vid but the end is so sad


our school has ppl who has nudes well everyone has a side story

MegaCJStudios 2



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